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Dwayne Johnson’s transition from The Scorpion King to Black Adam is perfect to show just how powerful this warlord has become.

Black AdamDwayne Johnson‘s transition from The Scorpion King to Black Adam is perfect to show just how powerful this warlord has become. Technically, they’re not the same character, but I can see the similarities. Both vagabonds were determined to destroy, if not rule the world by the sword.

I’ve been eager for this release for a super long time. It doesn’t matter anymore if all the Egyptian references are stripped. The costuming proposes a similar type of world and I suspect there’ll still be some references to this Ancient world set in another planet far, far away. And as for who Adam sold his soul to (after his son’s sacrifice) for immortality, there’s no clues in this trailer. It definitely isn’t Anubis!

As for who these gods are, that’s anybody’s guess. I doubt the Endless would make their debut in this film, but anyone searching the Internet will find answers. My advice is don’t. The revelation will spoil the surprise. I’m glad that the story is sticking to the established lore.

This trailer reveals Doctor Fate (Pierce Brosnan) awakening Black Adam from his eternal sleep and he’s even more sinister as ever. Next, we find soldiers determined to put a stop to whatever this mage’s plans are! He’s seen the future much like how Doctor Strange has in Avengers: Infinity War. Curiously, all we hear is that Adam can answer the call by either becoming a true hero or be that terror that he is. 

I imagine the past will come to haunt Adam instead, and his choice to become an anti-hero is the only way out. The bit about him losing his son can’t just be a throwaway moment, and it’ll have to mean something. When a son or daughter goes missing, the parents will do everything to find their child. Although this film shows a youth has died, is vengeance key to soothing a savage soul? This trope will have to be addressed.

'Black Adam' trailer features Hawkman and more

And as for what Hawkman represents is still a mystery. When he confronts Black Adam eye to eye, there’re years of animosity being presented. His presence is light-years above and beyond what previous television shows (Smallville and Legends of Tomorrow) presented.

Obviously, the problem lay in having the budget to realise a Thanagarian proper. But I’m still sad there’s no Hawkgirl added to the mix. We’ll see females of this species, but not Shayera or Kendra, as distinct characters have taken on the mantle.

Even fans who read the comic books know a lot more than they should, and that’s why most movie retcons published works. That way, something new is offered rather than something old. With Black Adam, perhaps it’s to change the relationship between him and Shazam for that eventual meeting down the road where they become unlikely allies rather than outright enemies.

Black Adam Trailer

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