Look Out! Space Invaders: World Defense is Taking Over the Skies!

I can’t help but be reminded of the climatic moment from Independence Day in the fancier levels in Space Invaders: World Defense.

Space Invaders World Defense Title CardReleased July 20th, 2023
Atari and TAITO

Available on Android and iOS

Space Invaders: World Defense has the feel that players should don AR glasses while shooting down the titular pixel aliens in the real world. That’s because, to spin around and search for them means they’re after you rather than to destroy a city! Fortunately, this game limits the area where you can move around in, so you’re not running around the block in search of their entry point to our realm.

Although this game isn’t fully designed to have you witness monsters and UFOs blasting away at city buildings, I have to wonder when digital reality will replace our own. That’s assuming that we are not living in The Matrix; the more structures that are around means more work for the game to internally weave these invaders around. It’s a novel concept that will have most gamers loving this product’s mechanic as a lot of the animation and interaction is truly seamless.

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Pokémon TCG Live Expands to New Testing Territories and the Latest App Update Impressions

Pokémon TCG Live isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea. The previous version, Online, still looks far more polished than this open world testing.

Pokémon TCG LiveReview platforms: MSI Katana GF66 and iPad 6.

Pokémon TCG Live has opened up to more countries for beta testing, and my advice to tablet gamers is to make sure you are connected to a power outlet for more than an hour of play. It was limited to Canada during the past year for working out the kinks, and with half the problems dealt with, I recommend the desktop version for the Mac and PC. I would not play on any mobile device (laptops not plugged into the wall included)  because it drains the power fast. Players may be able to get three or four long games in before recharging. Hopefully, this issue can be addressed by offering a battery saver option in the next update.

Otherwise, this game is almost like the previous iteration, Pokémon TCG Online. The main difference is in the changes to the layout and more 3D models. For testing, only the last five or so expansions are being put through the paces. In the card construction front, players can get credit for extra cards beyond the needed four in a deck to buy missing cards. In both versions, players can buy real world product to exchange the QR code for extra cards. With the old version, there’s more value by getting ten randomized digital cards over the five; because of that, I love the older version more. Its visual aesthetic is not as garish. Also, I should’ve stayed with the older app.

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Zombies come to Webtoon Digital Platform in Rot & Ruin!

WEBTOON Rot & RuinJonathan Maberry’s young adult post-apocalyptic zombie series, Rot & Ruin is not only getting developed for film but also is now available to read online through the Webtoon App (iOS and Android). This program allows users to choose what genres they like and also art styles. Since there’s a huge diversity in how artists like to draw, this additional filter is welcomed. Various signup options are available to access the huge number of free comics available.

The comic book series was originally published back in 2014. While the first three issues are available to read for free, further releases will require purchasing. For those who don’t want to wait, tracking down the comic books released by IDW Publishing shouldn’t be too hard. Five issues have been released to date, and there’s also the graphic novel, Warrior Smart.

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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, 9¾ Weeks Later…

Harry Potter Wizard's Unite

After more than a month of playing Niantic/Port Key Game’s Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, the addiction is real. Searching for missing fragments of various foundables makes me feel like I’m going through the Deathly Hallows experience. I’m reminded of when Potter, Granger and Weasley were looking for the horcruxes containing parts of Voldemort’s soul. The only difference is these people and objects are not intentionally splitting themselves apart. Paywall problems aside, I want my fantastic beasts whole.

This game is essentially about collecting pieces to a jigsaw puzzle where players have little control of finding the final segment. Unless a radar is put into the game, finding that last deoxy will be difficult. Alternatively, players can use Discord to report where Ron Weasley’s right ear went. This game is all about exploring and hoping that final fragment is nearby–either in the wild or hidden in a fortress.

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Franchise Based Augmented Reality Games to Play or not…

Niantic's Pokémon GO still tops the list
Niantic’s Pokemon GO still tops the list

More tablet/smartphone-based Augmented Reality games based on popular franchise are being made every day for those fans to play. While the technology is still at its infancy (i.e. requiring you to stare at a screen than the world), smart glasses is still not a thing and neuro interfaces are not likely to arrive soon. They are fun diversions to pass the time with. Unless noted, these games are available for both iOS and Android.

In no particular order:

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