Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms Videogame Teaser Trailer and Art Updates

0627NewsIdleChampions_DnD_HdrImgv2By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

When considering I have been a playing a lot of Codename Entertainment‘s Crusaders of the Lost Idols lately, the thought of how this fantasy themed side-scroller can become more challenging crossed my mind. The game play is simple: kill monsters for experience points to level up the characters and buy better equipment so they can walk through a dungeon unscathed. The harder part is in how to arrange the party of warriors so the team can dole out the most damage.

I am definitely curious in looking at this Victoria, BC based company’s next game, Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms. Will it be the same game, or be better? Crusaders on Steam is in beta for a long time, and I suspect that’s because the producers have been testing this version out for some time, before deciding to finally wrap it around a franchise property for wider appeal. This fantasy realm developed by Ed Greenwood is beloved amongst role playing gamers for its rich world, and to see it brought to life (again) in a video game is exciting.

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In Conversation with MCM, Redefining Storytelling with the multi-narrative “Dirt”

MCM (Michael Milligan) is a prolific and progressive-thinking author, screenwriter, computer programmer making waves with his mobile app, Get Dirt.

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

201699_10150171129933450_3208833_oMCM (Michael Milligan) is a prolific and progressive-thinking author, screenwriter, computer programmer making waves with his mobile app, Get Dirt. It redefines how a story can be told. Instead of reading a book, the tale is told through a different kind of “found footage.” Unlike the cinema approach which locks viewers to a sequentially edited product, all the information is at the user’s disposal and he or she has to shift through it to discover the tale. There’s also a comparison to a Victorian-age book, but more on that later.

Part of his approach comes from a condition he has. Aphantasia is a rare problem where folks are unable to mentally visualize images. “I can’t see things in my mind’s eye,” said MCM, “It’s actually a brilliant thing, I think, for script writing especially because a scene or any event is built out of key components that you need to focus on for its execution to make sense, and everything else is extraneous because I don’t know what it looks like.”

When writing for animation, especially at the preschool level, the formula is simple: educate the viewer. Often, the piece involves teaching a lesson the youth can take to apply in everyday life as they grow up. As with many programs developed in this television entertainment medium, they are done in a boardroom in a roundtable discussion. Ideas are pitched and in what’s developed, it’s made into a 23-minute show. This writer’s task is to develop a focused script that gets to the point. Continue reading “In Conversation with MCM, Redefining Storytelling with the multi-narrative “Dirt””

Powfolio Wants to Netflix Up the Comic Book World

DavidBy Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

Powfolio is a mobile app for iOS and Android looking to change how people look at comic books. This software has been out since early 2016 and they are making a new push to be known throughout the industry. Back in a different century, when printed versions could be found nearly everywhere, at corner stores and supermarkets, this era is distinguished by being able to find digital content very easily. While some towns may see a few supermarkets carry Archie paperbacks, to find that is very few and far between. CEO David Campiti (pictured top right) of Glass House Graphics (a talent agency / studio of artists who are hired to produce work for comic book companies like Dark Horse) fondly recalls those days when they were far more accessible. Today, the only place these rags can be found are at speciality operations.

“There was a McNamara’s drugstore right up the street from where I lived that carried almost everything, From Marvel, DC, Classics Illustrated, Gold Key, Harvey, Warren … If you name it, they had it,” recalled Campiti. “Skip forward to now, [the distribution of] comics have been shrunk down into a very niche market of 1800 shops scattered across the US. This means an entire generation of children has never held a comic book in their hands.”

As a father who delivered presentations at his young daughter’s school, talking about his job in the comic book industry, he’s seen the result of the times. In today’s digital age, he sees more children tuned to their mobiles than a paper product. As he was handing out free products (Marvel Comic’s X-Men) to the kids, he was astounded to hear one boy say, “You mean there’s a comic book too?”

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[Electric Bungalow] Kingston’s MobileLite is Feature Rich!

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)
ab55768_5Kingston Technology’s Kingston Digital 5-in-1 Mobile CompanionMobileLite is a very versatile travel companion and I can see it being asked for as an item to put under the Christmas tree. When computer tablet and cell phone users find storage space is tight in their mobile units (especially when some units do not offer a microSD slot), being able to stream data from a centralized router / memory card reader / battery charger / internet hub comes in very handy.

For people who take lots of photos, the need to shuffle information to offline storage is a must. There are plenty of other devices from other manufacturers that do a similar job with matching features, but how it performs is with the file browsing software that’s provided instead of how many charges this device offers. In real world testing, it can fully charge two devices before giving up the ghost. When it has not been used for several months, this device shows it can truly hold its juice and still provide a charge!

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MogaPro Power Controller Zaps the Competition

MogaPro Power Controller

I’m the type of person who carries a lot of tech and when I’m getting ready for a convention, I also want some games on the go to enjoy. Emerald City Comicon is right around the corner and I need to do something while waiting in line! When I carry a tablet, smart phone, Bluetooth headphones, a dedicated digital camera and portable gaming device, reducing the load is a must. When I have everything with me, one of these devices is guaranteed to be nearly drained by the end of the day.

With MOGA’s Hero or MogaPro Power Controller for Android devices made by Power A, an all-in-one smart phone is all I need. It can keep running like an Energizer Bunny thanks to MOGA’s Boost technology; the controller doubles as a spare power charger. As a bonus, the company now has the MOGA Rebel which works for Apple devices. That took a while to come and I’m glad, but for now I will focus on the Android version to review. They all operate similiarly, because I feel that they all can can recharge not only my smart phone but also my Bluetooth headphones. Not every device that uses a USB cable for recharging can be charged with the MOGA, but I feel that since they can, and I’ve tested it with my tablet and headphones, my life is made all the more simpler than to carry different chargers with me during my trips.

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