MogaPro Power Controller Zaps the Competition

MogaPro Power Controller

I’m the type of person who carries a lot of tech and when I’m getting ready for a convention, I also want some games on the go to enjoy. Emerald City Comicon is right around the corner and I need to do something while waiting in line! When I carry a tablet, smart phone, Bluetooth headphones, a dedicated digital camera and portable gaming device, reducing the load is a must. When I have everything with me, one of these devices is guaranteed to be nearly drained by the end of the day.

With MOGA’s Hero or MogaPro Power Controller for Android devices made by Power A, an all-in-one smart phone is all I need. It can keep running like an Energizer Bunny thanks to MOGA’s Boost technology; the controller doubles as a spare power charger. As a bonus, the company now has the MOGA Rebel which works for Apple devices. That took a while to come and I’m glad, but for now I will focus on the Android version to review. They all operate similiarly, because I feel that they all can can recharge not only my smart phone but also my Bluetooth headphones. Not every device that uses a USB cable for recharging can be charged with the MOGA, but I feel that since they can, and I’ve tested it with my tablet and headphones, my life is made all the more simpler than to carry different chargers with me during my trips.

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