Listing All The Significant Events in the Transformers Timeline is Needed to Make Sense of the Big Picture

Here, we present a chart of everything you need to know in the Transformers timeline to know where this franchise is headed!

The order of which live-action Transformers movies to watch first is easy to figure out, but to understand where all the events fall into place in this Transformers timeline is haphazard. It requires rewatching the films again or looking at a good movie information page to review what’s significant. After catching the early access release of the latest film yesterday, I realised I had to make this chart in order to identify the master plan.

Transformers Rise of the Beasts Movie Poster

After Rise of the Beasts, the Optimus Prime we meet isn’t the same as the one from those early films. He’s a lot more rough at the edges, and to explain if he left Earth at some later point in time only to return again in Michael Bay’s film may well have long time viewers confused. That’s assuming this filmmaker’s movies are still important to the longer narrative. It’s possible that Hasbro and all the producers will have to decide to return to the present to address the story as it’s still left untold.

Even though Bumblebee is considered a soft reboot by ignoring the future by giving us tales set in the past, at some point the narrative has to return to the now to explain a huge plot hole.

Thus, we have the following points to consider from the Transformers timeline (spoiler alert):

17,000 B.C. (Transformers 2) – The First Cybertronians discover a method to harness the power of the Sun, and when one of them selects Earth’s solar system to burn out, he gets banished. His evil decision went against their prime directive.

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All’s Not Well in The Secret Kingdom and What Peter Has To Do is….

Even though most of the talking critters hail Peter as the once and future king, it’s a role he doesn’t live up to in The Secret Kingdom.

The Secret Kingdom Movie PosterSaban Films
In Theaters, VOD and On Demand on June 9
Spoiler Alert

The tale found in The Secret Kingdom (previously titled Don’t Go Below) suggests Peter’s (Sam Everingham) family and their life are in shambles. He has anxiety and other problems, and we don’t really know why. When his parents decide it’s best to move to the old homestead, they are all escaping something. Matt Drummond‘s junior effort (his third film) looks at how he manages, and what’s needed is a magical hero’s journey to help this boy cope.

This movie borrows from a lot of past familiar works, like The Golden Compass, The Lion, Witch and Wardrobe and perhaps also Neverending Story. There’s a Spielberg vibe when considering how the focus is really about Pete’s relationship with his sister. When his sister Verity (Alyla Browne) chides him at his insecurities, he’ll have to save face somehow than to say he’ll always be weak.

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Superspy Documentary, The Other Fellow Lands on Amazon Prime!

THE OTHER FELLOW paints a rich picture of the worldwide digital and cultural footprint of cinema’s most famous spy. And what being in that looming shadow actually means for people when it creates an identity crisis like no other.

THE OTHER FELLOW POSTERNow available to stream

What would it be like to share your name with legendary movie spy James Bond? In Matthew Bauer’s excellent documentary, The Other Fellow answers that question and delves into the rich culture that surrounds this icon. A full movie review can be read here, and as for meeting these blokes, it can now be freely viewed for Amazon Prime subscribers.


1952. ‘Goldeneye’, Jamaica.

When British author Ian Fleming creates the character of 007, he needs to christen him with a “really flat, quiet name”. Perusing one of his favourite books BIRDS OF THE WEST INDIES Fleming steals the name of a Philadelphia ornithologist by the name of James Bond…

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Once You’re in Brooklyn 45, There’s no Escape

Every once in a while, a supernatural gem will present itself in all its post-Depression era glory. Brooklyn 45 explores all the manic problems of the day and then some!

Brooklyn 45 Movie PosterAvailable to stream on Shudder Network

In Brooklyn 45, a movie set after the end of World War II, four lifelong friends’ desire to communicate with the other side is led by one individual (Larry Fessenden) who believed his wife was killed. Perhaps they should’ve been careful in entertaining an old fool.

What they summoned would become the stuff of nightmares, and this frightful whodunit has the makings of a perfect Lovecraftian style of dread. We’re not dealing with cosmic entities here. Instead, it’s in what sordid histories get unearthed and how one deals with the truth! What these friends (played by Anne Ramsay, Ron E. Rains, Jeremy Holm, and Ezra Buzzington) discover about each other that night is certainly a life changer.

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The NFB at Annecy 2023 Competition Film Slate

A diverse range of works the National Film Board of Canada have helped produced will be in competition and exhibition at Annecy, France starting later this week!

The NFB - National Film Board of Canada LOGOThe National Film Board of Canada (The NFB) is returning to the prestigious Annecy International Animation Film Festival with a very diverse slate of films, including works by or about festival mainstays Janice NadeauChris Lavis and Maciek SzczerbowskiTheodore Ushev and Diane Obomsawin. Taking place this year from June 11 to 17, the Annecy festival is the world’s largest event dedicated to animated films.

Young Audiences Short Films in Competition

Harvey Promotional Movie PosterHARVEY by Janice Nadeau (9 min)

Co-produced by Marc Bertrand (NFB’s French Program Animation Studio) and Reginald de Guillebon ( Folimage), with the support of the Centre national du cinéma et de l’image animée. Head of Development: Corinne Destombes (Folimage).

  • A luminous look at loss and bereavement, seen through the eyes of a child with an overflowing imagination. Adapted from the graphic novel of the same name by Hervé Bouchard, illustrated by Montreal filmmaker Janice Nadeau (La Pastèque).

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