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Humourous Tales from the Bald Side, An Interview with Michael Roberds

29 Oct

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

Michael Roberds

Going from an actor from a well-received series (The New Addams Family) to being an all-around media personality in Vancouver, British Columbia, Michael Roberds certainly is not resting. He appears on television as a movie critic for Global TV and he is sometimes found in the background of many a Vancouver production. When on the spotlight, fans will remember him in the season four Supernatural episode, “Yellow Fever,” where he played Mark Hutchens, a reptile lover. He also has a notable role in The Further Adventures in Babysitting, a made for TV movie due in 2016. When considering that being an extra keeps him occupied more often than any other job, there’s a certain pleasure to know that he was requested by a casting director to appear in the X-Files miniseries that’s also broadcasting next year.

Although Roberds has not gotten a new role in today’s pop culture scene to guarantee him regular appearances at media conventions, he’s still looking. He still enjoys working on the side-lines and there was a time in his life where he also helped a talent agency geared specifically for people just wanting to be an extra. “But ever since The CW came along with Smallville, the attitude became we don’t want anybody over the age of 30 and they have to be good-looking. I had an elderly couple and they were available 100% of the time. They were never a problem but I was lucky if I could get them work once every couple of months.” revealed Roberds.

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The Man Behind the Cigarette, William B. Davis

21 Oct

Where There's Smoke cover hi res

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

presenting at
Institute of the Arts
210 – 112 East 3rd Ave
Vancouver, BC

Sunday, November 15th at 7pm

William B. Davis is not just the Cigarette-Smoking Man (CSM) from FOX TV‘s cult hit, The X-Files (due to return in a mini-series next year). He is a well-respected veteran of the Canadian theatre scene. He directed A Man for All Seasons for United Players of Vancouver and he has plans for new productions. Anyone who has followed his career may recall his work with Sherlock Holmes, Stuff Happens, and The Ecstasy of Rita Joe.

But for those more familiar with his work in X-files, he can’t say too much about what’s to come. The cigarette smoking man is back, for a very enigmatic character, the man behind the veil of smoke is a gentle soul. His life prior to X-Files is written in the aptly named memoir, Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man.

This book looks at his life from his youth to getting the role as the CSM (with some thoughts on the production) to a chapter that deals with life after the series. The book was published in 2011, and its information is still relevant today; It very nicely details how Canadian theatre evolved. Davis’ involvement is huge. He also recaps what X-Files is all about. If fans want a quick way to get up to speed before the new series, this book does the job.

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