Ed’s Top 10 Picks In Honour of Star Trek at 50 Years

There’s plenty of product to enjoy when considering all the television broadcasts and novels that’s been put out there. We consider the best of Star Trek at 50 years.

Star Trek at 50 yearsSeptember 8 marks the official date Star Trek came on the air for three years of this original series’ five-year mission. To look at Star Trek at 50 years, we now have various ways to admire the frontiers it has conquered.

Soon, there will be a new series, titled Star Trek: Discovery, which will become available on CBS All Access and other networks around the world. Comics and books are already being planned to expand upon this prequel series. Everyone will be excited and some of us will ask if it will be faithful to creator Gene Roddenberry‘s vision? According to StarTrek.com, yes! Older fans will be thrilled and for a new generation, they get a taste of what made this universe great! To get bold new adventures “on television” after a decade-long absence will be particularly thrilling.

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Wind up Geek’s Must See Movies – August, 2016

NewSuicideSquadPosterBy James Robert Shaw (The Wind up Geek)

It appears this August, the only thing that is hot is the temperature. I’ve read through what will be released in the theatres and it appears, with the exception of Suicide Squad, we may be in for a dismal blockbuster month. Going by what could be viewed in the available movie trailers, Mechanic: Resurrection appears to be your average action flick, Nine Lives as a family film is nothing we haven’t seen before from companies like Disney, Pete’s Dragon appears to be lacking the magic that made the original a box office hit, and Sausage Party shouldn’t be a summer movie at all.

Film goers need to look for the lower budgeted, international, and independent films for their entertainment this month. Of the list of 18 films I started with, I whittled it down to a top ten. Of those that didn’t make the list was Mel Gibson in Blood Father. The movie looked good and I Love Mel Gibson’s acting, I thought he stole all the scenes in Expendables 3, but his new movie was just outside the ten. Another film that missed the cut comes from Quebec province in Canada. Embrasses-moi comme tu m’aimes was co-written and directed by André Forcier and deals with the subject of incest between twin siblings. Normally something this hard-hitting would make the list. Canadians have never shied away from taboo subjects in film (like 1996’s Kissed starring Molly Parker and Peter Outerbridge) before, but with Embrasses-moi a comedy-drama instead of a straight drama, I felt the power the film could deliver was lost. A Genie Award nomination maybe, but to win the Genie, I don’t believe it will.

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10 Picks for Cineplex’s 2016 Great Digital Film Festival

And while this year’s selection of Cineplex’s Great Digital Film Festival was not intentional, one movie stands out in light of the news from early January. T

The Great Digital Film Festival Title Card

Cineplex Theatre’s annual Great Digital Film Festival returns for another year Canada-wide and they will be presenting fond films from the yesteryears in a way they were meant to be seen: on the big screen! This event starts Feb 5th and it will run for an entire week. The prices cannot be any better. They are close to the original ticket prices when these movies first screened and for SCENE members, this is the best time to rack up the points for the regular films. This points program changed where it is now scalable depending on the type of film watched. That is, if the movie is 3D, you have to see the equivalent of 10 3D movies to get one free. The more movies seen during this film festival, the more points are being offered.

And while this year’s selection was not intentional, one movie stands out in light of the news from early January. The multi-talented David Bowie passed away, just days after his new album released. His contributions to cinema should also not be forgotten and at least the programmers have serendipitously included Labyrinth in this year’s list. Although this type of event takes months to plan, this year could have stood out if The Man Who Fell to Earth, The Hunger, The Last Temptation of Christ and Zoolander (where he cameoed) was also included.

The movies we at Otakunoculture are excited for are as follows. For a complete list, please visit Cineplex’s website.

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2016 Victoria Film Festival Guide Launch & Genre Picks

In this list, we offer our choice picks of the 2016 Victoria Film Festival to go see.

Victoria Film Festival 2016The Victoria Film Festival‘s online guide goes live today at midnight, and the launch party had the who’s who of cinema aficionados from this city in attendance to get the first sneak peek. The printed version will see distribution in the coming days at this operation’s offices and at kiosks around town.

Announced is this year’s opening gala film, My Internship in Canada. This political satire features Irdens Exantus as a Haitian intern navigating his way through Canadian politics and sports in his attempt to understand this country. The film stars Patrick Huard as Steve Guibord, an independent Member of Parliament who has the powers in his hands to decide if Canada will go to war with the Middle East. Just which way this film will go will depend on the point of view writer/director Philippe Falardeau is focussing on. When this film has been earmarked by the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) as one of Canada’s Top 10 Best Canadian Films of 2015, it’s a safe bet this movie is very reverent today because of the issues it touches upon.

In addition to documentaries which provides social insight and enough foodie inspired movies for me to savour (like Sergio Herman: F*cking Perfect and The Sandwich Nazi), the picks of this year’s films playing at the Victoria Film Festival of 2016 range from animated fun, historically significant, musically mysterious to the terrifying!

McDull: Me & My Mum Movie PosterMcDull: Me & My Mum
Feb 7 * 1:00pm * Odeon 2

Cantonese with English subtitles

Whenever the police encounter a difficult case, they will call on him to help to solve it; The FBI, Scotland Yard, all hire him as a consultant. He is Detective Mak, Bobby Mak, the private detective who is known to be the most famous detective since Sherlock Holmes.

Bobby Mak used to be the kid who is called McDull. McDull is a slow kid, but his mum is shrewd. She transforms a 300-square foot apartment into a 2 bedroom, with dining and living room, sauna, gym and library. From a 100-square feet shop, she manages a real estate agency, tuck shop, plumping service, beauty salon and second hand mobile phone shop, plus a private detective agency. (no joke, private detective!) She can use rice, salted fish, and cabbage to cook Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, French, or even a buffet. She can use a wire hanger to fix the toilet, remote-control toy plane, ceiling lamp and umbrella …. — Twitchfilm.com

10 Monster Movies to Haunt Christmas With

Some of us love a good monster movie to enjoy on that cold winter’s night.

A Christmas Carol DVD CoverTo hear those sleigh bells jingling, going ring ting tingling will certainly hail the start of the holiday, but just how often do you hear a boo during this season? Some of us love a good monster movie to enjoy on that cold winter’s night. To wait for that final ray of light to fade away is enough to signal it’s time to get some fright on!

Assembled here is a list of monster movies threatening the holiday season by tormenting unlucky mortals who come across their way. Sometimes the message is clear in these films: it’s to help unite divided families to fight against a common threat. In others, it’s to show how better a person can become when not isolated away from society.

For the rest, a good horror tale helps make communities stronger. Slasher films featuring a deranged serial killer is its own special category and they tend to dominate other holiday lists. Some of the films in this list have a lesson to end with, but not all of them do. Some movies are just made to simply entertain.

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