Pokemon GO in 2022

Unless players are keeping tabs on the latest news, it’s easy to miss out on when specific pocket monsters will make appearances

pokemon-go-logoPokemon GO isn’t off to a good start in 2022. Players are getting a mix of both worlds; the developer of the game, Niantic, believes everyone is returning outside to play but not everyone truly is! Some parts of the world are knee-deep in pandemic woes, and are self-isolating. Also, what’s offered in the coming weeks feels tailored towards new players rather than old. Where’s those missing Pokemon for those wanting to complete their PokeDEX? And why can’t we have other options to gather coins?

Two Community Days for grabbing Spheal and Bulbasaur were not terribly exciting. According to reports, this cute walrus type beast is worthless in combat situations. It’s not recognized in the meta and it’s a shame I can’t harvest all that ivory and convert that into coins. I also get the sense the next one won’t be as exciting (confirmed in update: Hoppip? Really?) As for the plant-based pocket monster, I was semi-excited to go grinding for mega candy. I thought the shorter three-hour window made more sense so an entire day is not wasted with a game.

Continuing to be a thorn is no improvement to the Nearby Radar. A filtering option is really needed and I’ve been pining for this update in my past editorials.

There’s a new event every week to keep players engaged, but that isn’t enough. For regular gym raiders, the response time to remote invites is fixed. It’s now nearly instantaneousn and at least makes hunting for specific mon with long distance friends all the more better. There’s enough third party chat programs to make coordinating easy.

As for when this game can offer new ‘mon or fill in those gaps, my guess Niantic Inc is being purposefully slow. Unless players are keeping tabs on the latest news with the game sending notifications, to which not everyone pays attention to, but Leekduck.com excels, it’s easy to miss out on when specific events will have those pocket monsters needed to finish filling the dex with.

I’m also hopeful the Chinese New Year Event will have something more than the usual offerings when compared to last year’s. That’s coming up soon, and players can expect to receive news in game by mid-week.

Author: Ed Sum

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