FEMM’s Tokyo Ex Machina ‘We Got Each Other’ Released!

24 Jan

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FEMM has a new album! Tokyo Ex Machina was released a few days ago and the music video ‘We Got Each Other’ went online to show just how fun loving these two girls are–and why being in a relationship doesn’t always have to matter. RiRi and LuLa just wanna have fun in classic Cyndi Lauper fashion. It’s a bouncy tune with a techno style edge (hip hop) to show why being BFFs manners more. The visuals feels more like they’re from the 70s, though director Julie Giesen may say otherwise.

Anyone enamoured with their sound (which also includes EDM and rap) can also check out Femm-Isation. This debut album reached the Top 10 of the Billboard World Albums chart in the US, and was picked as a Best Indie Album at HMV stores across the UK in 2014/15. Although they only have three album releases to date, the number of singles are greater to show they’re always at work in collaberations. 

From the Press Release:

The opening track of the album, ‘We Got Each Other’, incorporates the sound of the 1990s punk revival that has been hugely popular this past year in the United States and Europe. The sweet and sour lyrics in which the two singers comfort one another over broken hearts deliver an emotional message, reminiscent of the girls’ rock movement that was prevalent in the 90s and 00s. 

Directed by Julie Giesen, the video dares to be girly, and starts with the two members of FEMM touching down in Tokyo’s Shibuya district. As the mannequins are brushed by a wave of animated magic, their appearance transforms into something we have never seen from FEMM before. As they visit an arcade and a bowling alley, the members–who are known for their icy demeanour–actually crack a smile! Are they dreaming, or have we been transported to a world of fantasy?

In the near future, music videos for new album cuts ‘Outta The Clouds’ and ‘Crystal Ball’ will follow, as well as a video for ‘Crawl Away’, the song that reunites FEMM with their ‘Fxxk Boyz Get Money’ producer Pat Lukens, and a video for popular track ‘Falling For A Lullaby’. Look out for each new announcement as it comes.

FEMM have attracted attention from many global media, and their videos have found great acclaim, with Venezuelan musician Arca praising the twisted avatars in a previous video made with Aphex Twin visual collaborator Weirdcore. As the world contends with the ongoing pandemic, FEMM are broadcasting their own 21st-century Japonisme to the globe.

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We Got Each Other (produced by Kool Kojak)
Outta The Clouds (produced by Woo Min Lee)
Crystal Ball (produced by Danny L Harle)
Crawl Away (produced by Pat Lukens)
Falling For A Lullaby
Do It Again feat. LIZ
Sugar Rush
Dead Of Night
Keep It Cool
Tic Toc

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