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The Vintage Tempest’s Animated Picks of 2016

30 Dec
Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

By Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

2016 has been a stellar year for animated films and the power of myth almost dominates my top five picks. Moana comes close to making the list, but a part of me is troubled because Disney North America retired Lilo & Stitch. While everybody’s favourite trouble-maker is still loved in Japan with new material in the past years, to see Disney West’s foray into Polynesian culture being replaced with a new product has always bothered me.

When awards season comes, there’s close to 25 films to consider. Hopefully, from my list, I will get to see my favourite get the gold, and I begin with my number one pick.

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The Red Turtle

(Studio Ghibli, Arte, Belvision Studios, Prima Linea Productions, CN4 Productions)

I’m really hoping for this film to win. The main reason is that it breaks against the stereotypes found in most narratives. Instead of a hero’s journey, it’s a lament and look at the life and times of a survivor living on a deserted island. Although there is a sense that he might one day get rescued, to watch him try to survive is at the core of this product.

At first, the turtle he encounters is vicious towards him, but as the events unfold, they forge a bond that’s not to be forgotten. I cried at the end, and I will not say why for those who have not seen this movie yet.

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Remembering 2015: One Animation Fan’s Retrospective

1 Jan

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)


PIXAR’s film is a strong contender come Oscar season!

The 2015 year was good for animation enthusiasts. Netflix‘s streaming service took off (and finally caught my notice) with help from DreamWorks — more of their properties appeared on this online only network even though I prefer to physically own a copy (i.e. purchase a video release down the road). Technically, Turbo FAST started the trend in 2013 and I’m glad to see that it exists for purchase at stores and on Amazon. All Hail King Julian! released late in 2014 but the rest of the programs like Dragons: Race to the Edge, Dawn of the Croods and Adventures of Puss in Boots shows that at least the studio has faith on the medium. Let’s hope these releases come to video too.

But what does that mean for other studios? Curiously, DreamWorks has not continued 2014’s Penguins of Madagascar movie. Has Nickelodeon said no to the studio making more or has Tom McGrath, the voice of Skipper, decided to move on? Currently, he’s working on Boss Baby, slated for release in 2017.

Disney/Pixar was busy with two releases, Inside Out and The Good Dinosaur, and while I favour the prehistoric adventure more than a look at what goes on inside a little girl’s head, I do see the former being a contender come Oscar season. I do have to wonder how long Minion-mania will last. It arrived in full force because of the movie and it showed no signs of slowing down over the holidays with merchandise being deeply discounted and the film put onto home video super early!

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13 (Nearly Forgotten) Unappreciated Horror Films for Halloween

31 Oct

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)


Some horror flicks come and go as part of the must watch tradition when All Hallow’s Eve approaches. Others are just plain forgotten over the years, if not in the passing of a century. If there’s ever a list that need to bring the ‘classics’ back, the hope is to bring the movies from the yesteryear back to the fore. These are the movies I loved watching while growing up. Whether it’s Halloween themed or not, I feel certain films should never get discarded in favour for new ones. A couple of comedic films are added just so some folks will not come out scarred after a marathon view of these movies.

Häxan: Witchcraft Through the Ages (1929)

If this classic silent film is viewed along with The Wicker Man, then just maybe the third Halloween film can be better appreciated. Although very dated in its special effects technology and very primeval, this movie is just as effective now for its haunting terror. I love this film because it is very atmospheric. It blends a documentary and fiction together as the history of witchcraft is explored. While the Wiccans of today proclaim that they are not witches, there are similarities that must be studied.

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