Jumplight Odyssey. You’re Steering this Videogame Demo to Nostalgia.

In Jumplight Odyssey, you can build, expand, and customise the Catalina’s decks to create a personalised ship on your journey to the fabled Forever Star.

Jumplight Odyssey Title CardAvailable on Steam

League of Geeks has a free playable demo for Jumplight Odyssey, a roguelite colony sim inspired by genre staples and classic ‘70s sci-fi anime. The demo is available to download during the Steam Next Fest, now taking place (June 19-26, 2023), and this sneak peek is looking very retro! This latest project, from the studio behind the hugely successful indie hit, Armello, promises to be a hit.

Here, players start a career as captain of the SDF Catalina. As the overseer, you’re not only preparing to go explore strange new worlds, but also managing the crew of your star cruiser. Here, you can customise the ship’s decks with dozens of fully placeable objects, and do a lot of roster checks so everybody is happy. Like in Yamato (aka Star Blazers), you’re sometimes involved in making sure there’s no conflicts between crew, especially if they have a bridge position.

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In EALoGAMES’ Paranormal Hunter, You’re Sadly Alone, And That’s Not Good

What’s recreated in Paranormal Hunter is very much in line with many cinematic haunted house stories, and as for mirroring what real life investigations are like, it’s nothing like.

Paranormal Hunter on SteamEALoGAMES multiplayer videogame Paranormal Hunter has the potential to be good, but without a team to help you investigate, tackling the tougher missions on your own is tough! It’s similar to Phasmophobia, which is more popular and a better polished game. While that can be engaged solo, this take is designed to have at least three people willing to dive into eerie locations! Fainting upon encountering the supernatural is common. That’s quite different from what those of the television paranormal reality trade typically encounter. As most people know, most of these docudramas are created for entertainment purposes only!

What’s revealed in these missions will certainly test many an avatar’s sanity, and perhaps the player’s too. Although the game takes a cue from H.P. Lovecraft, with a digital metre to show where the mental resilience is at, to emerge with that state intact is super rare. Although what’s this early access release looks almost ready to be unleashed, it really needs two things to be fixed. Continue reading “In EALoGAMES’ Paranormal Hunter, You’re Sadly Alone, And That’s Not Good”

Survival Fountain of Youth Early Access in Review and Quick Tips. How How Long Can You Last?

Even at launch, players have written up guides on Steam to help newcomers going through Survival Fountain of Youth not as tough.

Survival Fountain of Youth Title CardOdinsoft’s Survival Fountain of Youth (Steam link) has everything I want in a video game of resource management, archeological exploration, and survival on an uncharted island. When it’s set somewhere in the Yucatán Peninsula and concerns Ponce de Leon’s search for the Fountain of Youth, I couldn’t wait to start exploring!

Here, my avatar is part of this Conquistador’s expedition. After a storm has wrecked the boat, anyone able to survive is not lost at sea, but winds up somewhere else on the many tiny islands located near Bimini. What this game offers are challenges of day to day living in the age of discovery, and a mystery regarding the location of the archaeological treasure. For now, it isn’t finished and this Early Access product has only whetted my appetite.

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It’s Frantically Fun with Turbo Overkill Early Access in Review

Turbo Overkill Movie PosterTrigger Happy Interactive
Apogee Entertainment

Available on Steam for the PC

What would you do if you find that everyone in your city has been turned into violent half-cybernetic war machines, bent on taking over the world for a malicious artificial intelligence called Syn? As a cyborg with a chainsaw hidden in your leg and missile launchers up your sleeves, you’ll fight your way through the streets and take back the city. Blasting your way through hordes of enemies to put an end to the AI’s plans once and for all! 

Turbo Overkill is simply a love letter to the 90s. It’s a first-person shooter that mimics what computers were capable of back in the early days of 3D accelerator cards while adding some modern touches like reflections and proper environmental lighting. The level design, brightly glowing power-ups, colour-coded keys, jump pads, and a huge variety of ways to blow up your enemies just screams mid-90s shooter. Playing this early access game over the last few days really brings back memories of playing Quake, Unreal tournament and Duke Nukem 3D for the first time.

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