In EALoGAMES’ Paranormal Hunter, You’re Sadly Alone, And That’s Not Good

What’s recreated in Paranormal Hunter is very much in line with many cinematic haunted house stories, and as for mirroring what real life investigations are like, it’s nothing like.

Paranormal Hunter on SteamEALoGAMES multiplayer videogame Paranormal Hunter has the potential to be good, but without a team to help you investigate, tackling the tougher missions on your own is tough! It’s similar to Phasmophobia, which is more popular and a better polished game. While that can be engaged solo, this take is designed to have at least three people willing to dive into eerie locations! Fainting upon encountering the supernatural is common. That’s quite different from what those of the television paranormal reality trade typically encounter. As most people know, most of these docudramas are created for entertainment purposes only!

What’s revealed in these missions will certainly test many an avatar’s sanity, and perhaps the player’s too. Although the game takes a cue from H.P. Lovecraft, with a digital metre to show where the mental resilience is at, to emerge with that state intact is super rare. Although what’s this early access release looks almost ready to be unleashed, it really needs two things to be fixed.In this case, the first priority is in having a willing group of beta testers regularly playing or hosting games so others can try it out. This game rewards players by how long they last while searching for clues to placate the spirit. But when there’s the problem of finding random players to game with, lasting for more than a few minutes can prove challenging.

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I’m not sure how many territories are defined, but for my region, nobody is ever around. A feature to change servers would be really handy just to find fellow gamers when none of your friends want to play. It’s either that or waiting for a discord channel to finally, pardon the pun, manifest to allow for people to coordinate games. Another similiar game is Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed and it’s far more successful at helping players create raiding groups. The developers have a discord group so newcomers can coordinate.

The second thing is to allow gamers define the keyboard commands. I’ve gotten used to the interface designed in Survivor: Fountain of Youth and can’t deprogram myself at how intuitive that is while what’s set in default here is confusing. The mouse buttons don’t do anything, and I found that annoying.

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Despite some gorgeously creepy atmosphere renders instilled while exploring on my own, I’m not going to get far. What’s recreated in Paranormal Hunter is very much in line with many cinematic haunted house stories, and as for mirroring what real life investigations are like, it’s nothing like. I’ve participated in enough of them to know ghosts are not out to spook. Hard core investigators do not run away, or want to escape out a third story window. They’re more likely to make their presence known by making objects move or rapping when investigators ask them to. And usually it’s about helping them cross over or assist in accomplishing that unfinished business. This game sort of does that, but only in a us versus them kind of way.

I’ll keep this game around in hopes more players will become interested. I can’t speak for how well it works with virtual reality goggles. It’s limited to just one headset product, and there’s no word if it’ll be developed for others down the road. It’s a shame there’s no word if there’ll be support for other gear, because I think that’ll be the deal-breaker as to how successful this game will be, otherwise it’ll be DOA.

Paranormal Hunter Early Access Video

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