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Mask on, Mask off. The Future of Face Covers, Conventions & Covid-19

29 Apr

Cosplay crafter creates awesome face masks based on Gundam and ...By Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

Interest in fashionable nerdy face masks is now the norm. While they are easier to find in Asia than America, all anyone has to do is look at Soranews for the latest trends or even Etsy to get a customized face wear. Even Kotaku has an article on how these face masks are sparking creativity amongst those who know how. Whether that’s with a solid piece of plastic with a 3D printer or something sewn, are they really needed?

When Disney, Chaosium Games and Inked Gaming is also getting on board, buyers really have to remember these customized face wear products are not medically certified. There’s still a chance of catching covid-19 if these fabric masks are not properly washed. The good is that part of the money made is going into a charity, the bad, they aren’t anything special to make the wearer feel protected.

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Go Get ‘Em! Geek Girls, Documentary Review

18 Mar

Upcoming Shows:
Demand Film
March 19-April 9, 6:30pm

Winnipeg Cinematheque
March 21-25 & 29

Left Bank Leeds
March 29, 8pm

Millenium Documentary Film Festival
March 21, 7pm & March 25, 5pm

Geek Girls is a documentary by filmmaker Gina Hara (Your Place or Minecraft), chronicling her journey on why life as a female nerd is tough. A brief background about her childhood explains her motivations, and to see her interview other women (11 in total) who have found occupations by keeping true to themselves is inspiring no matter what the gender. This 80-minute production looks at how nerdom is a badge of honour instead of a sign of shame.

Sometimes the gender issue is not always in focus, as nearly every child played with dolls (Barbie, Transformers and GI Joe all belong in the same category), read comics, traded baseball cards or played some kind of video game. The labelling happened when peers in high school knew these secrets. Though back then, etymologists will note the words nerd and geek meant different things. The modern definition is more synonymous, and with this work, looks at these ladies deal against so-called societal norms.

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Countdown to Tsukino-Con!

27 Jan

By James Robert Shaw (The Wind up Geek)


It’s only a mere two weeks away to this year’s kick off to Vancouver Island’s fan conventions for 2015. Tsukino-Con runs February 13-15 at the University of Victoria and with head-organizer Adam Park passing the torch. He’s leaving the duties to the capable hands of Matt Van Herwaarden.

Matt promises that this year is going to be big. This includes guests who are more internationally known when compared to names like Kelly Clark. This year will also mark Tsukino-Con’s first ever Japanese guest, a voice artist.

On the list this year (but not limited to) are:

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Cosplay Creations: Garrus Vakarian

25 May

Here at Otaku no Culture, I love cosplay and cosplayers, they make fandom so much more interesting. I’ve seen some wonderful costumes that’s taken the individuals hours, days or even months to perfect.  Fandom has thankfully evolved for the better since my first con at Anime Expo ’95.


I would like to introduce you to Sarah Wilkinson of Red Nebula Studios aka Nightlyre on Deviant Art. Her costume of Garrus Vakarian from Mass Effect just floored me. A word hasn’t been created that best describes how totally awesome I think her costume is. I love the details not only of the armor but of the mask. The mask in the photos looks so real and one could almost believe it because Garrus’ mouth moves in conjunction with its wearer.


I’m a huge fan of the PC gaming series Mass Effect. And even with the third installment’s disappointing end it has not taken my love away from what could be some of the more interesting characters ever to be created for the PC. It’s good when someone’s raw talent such as Sarrah’s reminds me of that love.


For readers who are wanting a closer look at Sarrah’s costume, she is currently at Phoenix Comicon 13 in Phoenix, Arizona until May 26th.

Source(s): John Shaw, Nightlyre

A Force of Evil To Do A Power of Good

6 May

by James Shaw

Make a Wish

Revenge of the 5th (May 5th) struck hard in North America giving Star Wars fans yet another reason to wear elaborate costumes and attend hobby and toy fairs. But in Japan this day has more meaning than just a celebration of one of the coolest creations in geekdom. May the 5th is Children’s Day and the 501st Legion were at the Make-A-Wish in Kobe 2013 to help raise funds for children with life-threatening illnesses.

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