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Michael Bay’s Transformers Has a New TV Spot & Tying the Film’s Mythology Together

7 Jan

michael-bay-transformers-the-last-knight-201597By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

Could there be a decent story in Michael Bay’s 5th Transformers movie outing? The Last Knight has a new television trailer, and it shows Optimus Prime behaving badly. The tagline of “Rethink your Heroes” suggests he’s been corrupted. He’s purple eyed and looking scary.

Including the previous trailer, there’s very little information to explain Prime’s transition. The last movie had him rocketing into outer space to search for the Creators, while carrying the Seed. While I doubt he’s going to ram that down their throat upon finding them, I suspect he did discover their whereabouts and because he was one to their many — they overpowered and reprogrammed him. He’s been left for scrap, floating helplessly in space. As the full length trailer suggests with the vortex (conical) shaped spaceship, could that be the Quintessons vessel? There’s not enough detail to say, although I am hoping these creators will be featured in this fifth outing.

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A Nerd (Christmas) Shoppers Guide to Victoria, BC

13 Dec

6564547955_ecda3f14b8_bBy Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

December is upon us and holiday shopping is in the air! Twelve days remain to find that special item for the nerd in the family. Just what they want can be found with this list of where to go on (Mid and) South Vancouver Island. There is a Nanaimo entry, but its lumped under Curious Comics since they have several stores.

This guide is not restricted to the season either. Everyone has a birthday, and if that collector must have more FUNKO Pop figures for that collection, going to EB Games is not the definitive place to be. Operations like Toys R’ Us and Walmart have their place for finding toys and current movie tie-in products, but let’s consider the local operations before going corporate.

For any other outlet that’s not listed, please submit by commenting and this guide will be updated and made its own page, a Nerd’s Guide to Shopping on Vancouver Island, after the new year.



Cherry Bomb Toys

Used Comics, Vinyl Records, Videos (anime), LEGO, Toys (Barbie, Star Wars, Transformers, GI Joe & Many More!)

1410 Broad Street
(250) 385-8697

This operation specializes in carrying a diverse range of product for everyone of all ages. From products for young girls, like Barbie, to collectible products (like original packaging G.I. Joe), if you name it, it might be hiding here!

Curious Comics

Comic Supplies, Comics, FUNKO Pop!, Graphic Novels,
Illustration Books, Models, T-shirts, Toys

631 Johnson Street (Victoria-location)
(250) 384-1656

844 Goldstream Avenue (Langford location)
(250) 592-1656

3200 Unit 6 Island Highway (Nanaimo BC location)
(250) 756-2157

With three locations to serve most of Vancouver Island, Curious Comics makes up the heart of Nerd Row in Victoria, BC. Stepping in here is a paradise of goodies. From CGC certified comics to Walking Dead merchandise, a lot of nerd culture franchised out properties can be found here.

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Nothing Accentuates a Workspace Like Transformer Mood Lighting

13 Oct

mpcrafts1By James Robert Shaw (The Wind up Geek)

Meet Robin Song AKA Pastor Robin of MP Crafts from Auburn, Washington. He’s a bit of a whiz when it comes to LED lighting. His calling is as a Christian Pastor but his sideline is customizing Transformers toys with LEDs. For example, he sells LED Energon Cubes through his Facebook page called “Remote Powered Masterpiece Energon Cubes.” For anyone who is not a Transformer fan, they are recepiticles used by the evil Decepticons to store energy.

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“Transformers: Last Knight” Reveal Autobot Sqweeks’ Robot Mode & Bio

6 Aug

TransformersTLKHeaderBy James Robert Shaw
(The Wind up Geek)

The official Transformers movie Facebook site revealed the look and bios of both Autobots Drift and Hot Rod within the last 48 hours. Now, they have revealed the look of Autobot Sqweeks. I’ve been saying the initial photo of Sqweeks, that looks like a cross between M.A.S.K.‘s T-Bob and Challenge of the Gobots‘ Guardian good guy robot, Scooter. But never did I expect anything like this.

Hate it? No. I love the design. The look of Sqweeks is very future dystopian. I can imagine him in a story where humans rely on robots but what is built is scrounged from scrap yards, much like in Yukito Kishiro’s Battle Angel Alita manga series. The full photo of Sqweeks is available for viewing at the bottom of this article.

“We wouldn’t underestimate him.”

Height: 3′ 6″
History: A human’s best friend
Personality: Small frame, Big heart


Source(s): Udana Senjeewa Wijesuriya, Addicted to Transformers Facebook group, and Transformers: The Last Knight Facebook page.