The Vintage Tempest’s 2018 Emerald City Comic Con Journal – News & Views

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

Emerald City Comic Con never fails to impress. I have attended over six and have always enjoyed being here. Twisted Toonz‘s zany shows featuring voice over talents playing iconic roles are always the highlight. With a floor dedicated to comic book talents and fiction writers, this area is the place to hang out. Those with a lot of merchandise to sell are located on the show floor. Here is where the shopping happens. At the Washington State Convention Center, a complete level for all things gaming related (from Pathfinder to Magic the Gathering) will keep the mainstream fan happy, and in another building altogether, LEGO!

It’s possible to take in this four-day show in two; to make the most of any event requires planning. I did the Friday/Saturday combo. For my first day, I got my essentials done. This meant getting autographs from a handful of comic book creators and hitting the Sheridan Hotel where all the celebrity opportunities happen; the people managing the lines are tops. The wait was minimal. I met David Tennant. My introduction to him was in BBC‘s Casanova and he does “crazy” very well, especially as Barty Jr., in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. My appreciation only grew upon hearing him lend his voice in works with side characters like Spitelout in How to Train Your Dragon and taking on the lead as Scrooge McDuck in the rebooted Ducktales. He is more than just Doctor Who, and I got my moment to ask him how did he like his stay in Victoria, BC. He said he loved it. Had Gracepoint been renewed, the chance of meeting him outside of a convention might be better. I like candid photos, but I did not want to miss this opportunity when this convention announced his appearance!

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[Torrance, CA] MacrossWorld 2016 is Here!

MacrossOriginalBy James Robert Shaw (The Wind up Geek)

MacrossWorld’s official Facebook page has announced the return of MacrossWorld in 2016. This event will be held at the Torrance Cultural Arts Centre in Torrance, California on Saturday, October 15th. There will be cosplay performances, an amazing dealer’s room, special guests, and lower registration prices. There will also be tasty Japanese comfort food available from the Okamoto Kitchen food truck.

No official invitations have gone out yet for this event but that hasn’t stopped voice actors Brett Weaver and Richard Epcar from expressing interest in attending.

We’ll keep you posted.


To learn more about the event visit MacrossWorld’s official Facebook page at

To visit MacrossWorld’s Facebook events page

To purchase tickets to the event visit

Source(s): Vintage Anime Fans Facebook group, Donald Yee, and MacrossWorld Facebook page.

Macross Delta to see Japanese Blu-ray release!

By James Robert Shaw (The Wind up Geek)

MacrossDeltaPromoThere wasn’t any time wasted it seems to get Macross Delta (マクロスΔ) out the door for home release. During today’s broadcast of Delta‘s first episode, which differed from the preview episode shown in Japan on New Year’s Eve, this episode was extended and had texture touch-ups added to the animation. A date of July 22 was dropped during episode 1 for the Macross Delta series release on Blu-ray and DVD. The company handling the Blu-ray distribution will most likely be Bandai Visual. No other information is available at this time.

One has to hand it to the people behind the marketing of Delta, so far it has worked in Delta‘s favour. And it was because of that marketing that Macross Delta‘s broadcast of April 3rd is also the 8 year anniversary of the original broadcast of Macross Frontier. It is most likely Delta will not see North American release due to rights owned by Harmony Gold USA. Hopefully the company releasing it in Japan will have the foresight to add English subtitles to get around this obstacle. Credit where credit is due, Carl Macek and Harmony Gold USA established Robotech and introduced generations of people to Macross and even gave them their first taste of Japanese animation but Macross has continued where Robotech as a licence has shown little activity over the years animation wise. Robotech we thank you but let’s face it, Macross is here to stay.

Getting on Board with Robotech: The Valkyrie Project

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)


Robotech is a re-imaging of three animated products from Japan that fans of this series will no doubt know. For 80’s animation aficionados, it is a series they will fondly recall. Despite this series fade to black in the later decade, it’s seeing something of a reawakening in this new century. The late 80’s/early 90’s had Robotech: Sentinels told in full in novel and comic book form, the mid 00’s with the Shadow Chronicles — which barely got off the ground — and last year with Long, Live and Alive trying to make a place in history. However, this latest product offered nothing new. It’s mostly recycled animation and technically a retelling of Robotech: The New Generation from Yellow Dancer’s / Lancer’s perspective. Not everyone will enjoy it.

A Hollywood-style version is in the works, with a few A-list stars like Leonardo DiCaprio interested in a role and Tobey Maguire set to produce. But with no confirmed production date and note that it is actually green-lit, that’s only a dream for now. Instead, fans will most likely flock to and support fan productions like Robotech: The Valkyrie Project.

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