[Trailer] Crowdfunding Ocassus – A New War on Earth

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By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

Hints of what was to be a fan video predating the alien invasion in Macross (Proyecto Valkiria) can still be detected in Cesar Turturro’s Ocassus. This director and executive producer’s original idea to make a fan film was shot down by the Zentraedi forces over at Harmony Gold and in re-imaging his idea, he’s come up with a better story that mixes in traces of District 9 in a war-torn world with Pacific Rim in an epic fight within an action-packed feature-length film which includes a theory that these giants once walked amongst us long ago. Ancient Alien theory is always cool, and perhaps these creatures were once the Nephilim of lore.

This project is seeking crowdfunding to finish the movie. This film is at a halfway point of being done. Ideas need to be expanded upon and the hope is to bring in some added names to give it the recognition this movie deserves. The hope is to have this made for release by the Summer of 2017.

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Getting on Board with Robotech: The Valkyrie Project

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)


Robotech is a re-imaging of three animated products from Japan that fans of this series will no doubt know. For 80’s animation aficionados, it is a series they will fondly recall. Despite this series fade to black in the later decade, it’s seeing something of a reawakening in this new century. The late 80’s/early 90’s had Robotech: Sentinels told in full in novel and comic book form, the mid 00’s with the Shadow Chronicles — which barely got off the ground — and last year with Long, Live and Alive trying to make a place in history. However, this latest product offered nothing new. It’s mostly recycled animation and technically a retelling of Robotech: The New Generation from Yellow Dancer’s / Lancer’s perspective. Not everyone will enjoy it.

A Hollywood-style version is in the works, with a few A-list stars like Leonardo DiCaprio interested in a role and Tobey Maguire set to produce. But with no confirmed production date and note that it is actually green-lit, that’s only a dream for now. Instead, fans will most likely flock to and support fan productions like Robotech: The Valkyrie Project.

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