[Trailer] Crowdfunding Ocassus – A New War on Earth

Ocassus Logo DesignsHints of what was to be a fan video predating the alien invasion in Macross (Proyecto Valkiria) can still be detected in Cesar Turturro’s Ocassus. This director and executive producer’s original idea to make a fan film was shot down by the Zentraedi forces over at Harmony Gold and in re-imaging his idea, he’s come up with a better story that mixes in traces of District 9 in a war-torn world with Pacific Rim in an epic fight within an action-packed feature-length film which includes a theory that these giants once walked amongst us long ago. Ancient Alien theory is always cool, and perhaps these creatures were once the Nephilim of lore.

This project is seeking crowdfunding to finish the movie. This film is at a halfway point of being done. Ideas need to be expanded upon and the hope is to bring in some added names to give it the recognition this movie deserves. The hope is to have this made for release by the Summer of 2017.

This producer also heads an animation and 3D production company based in Bahia Blanca, Argentina, and this group’s talents is not wasted in the teaser trailer. One local show they have produced work is Night Vision LLC’s Old Bold Pilots. Production talents from the USA are also helping to bring this idea to life: George Dawe helped write the English adaptation of this film and is serving as the second unit director, Jorge Luis Sucksdorf is the original screenwriter, Patrick Pranica is the cinematographer and Ben Reed serves as executive producer.

Ocassus Mecha Designs

With this kind of diverse background from filmmakers and producers from two countries, Ocassus looks good. There are original mecha designs, and what’s even interesting is that there is more to them than meets the eye. To have a name like Nicola Tesla suggests he’s important to the story. He replaces the dogmatic Emil Lang had this film been about that other show. The premise seems familiar, and that’s sometimes what makes science fiction great. The infusion of ancient aliens will have some enthusiasts curious in how the future figures into the past, especially when considering parts of South America is a known hotspot for UFO sightings.

Follow the funding project here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/ocassus#/


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