12 Scary Christmas Comics to Count down the Holidays With

10 Dec

Christmas Comics from BiblioasisIn sticking to the Victorian age supernatural tradition of enjoying ghost stories for Christmas, I have updated my list of graphic novel best reads to include upcoming releases which I feel are great. To nail a list of new Christmas comics to countdown the “Twelve Days” is tough. Technically, a few of my selections are more paranormal than just about spirits, and if available, the links go to Amazon USA listings. We’re an Amazon Associate, and any purchases made helps support this blog. Thanks!

The Corner Shop; The Dead and the Countess; and A Visit—Seth’s Christmas Ghost Stories (Biblioasis)

Leading this list are Gregory Gallant‘s (pen name Seth) comic book collection of ghost stories, which have three new books in 2022! I’m bundling this entry to one rather than individually, as there’s a lot to like about this cartoonist’s style. One of the first tales he adapted to the medium is The Signalman, originally written by Charles Dickens, and this artist adapted it for the masses to enjoy. It’s described to be, “An eerie story of isolation, dread, and supernatural visitation, this book is a small treasure, meant to be read aloud on a cold, dark winter night.”

Those unfamiliar with this name should look at Mister X and Clyde Fans. Those who read Lemony Snicket’s All the Wrong Questions will know his work. He’s also the author of the Palookaville series of graphic novels.

ghosts of wreckers cove

The Ghost of Wreckers Cove
John Lind Publishing)

This graphic novel about Cristina and Martha exploring a cove may not sound right for this season but I’d call it a winter’s tale. Here, they’re on a magical tale of exploration where they find pirates and ghosts––there’s enough of a Goonies style adventure to make this title worth the read due to when this title was released. Here, it’s not just about the art to admire, but in what they meet, which makes the encounter with the mysterious figure friendly and forlorn.

Holiday Spirits

Holiday Spirits
(Orange Cone Productions)

Anyone wanting to support the truly independent comic book scene is best advised to check out this anthology collection! This successfully crowdfunded publication has a distributor so those discovering this title for the first time can enjoy Tales from the Crypt style frights. There’s also hints of Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock Presents too, for the purveyors of the macabre.

This 80-page comic features tales from Travis Gibb (Broke Down And Four Dead Bodies), Jonathan Hedrick (Recount), Kurt Belcher (Rottentail) and a whole lot more. In the artistic front, we have talents like Craig Florence (Always Punch Nazi’s), Gabriel Elías Ibarra Núñez (The Recount), Robby Bragdon (Cthulhu Invades Oz) and Don Nguyen (Pablo the Gorilla) contributing. The list doesn’t end there and for folks wanting a sample, please check out the original Kickstarter pitch.

Stranger Things Holiday Specials

Stranger Things Holiday Specials
(Dark Horse)

Anyone who missed picking up the seasonal and individual issues isn’t missing anything. They are now collected into a trade paperback and can make for a great stuffing stuffer! In the latest release, the kids have to fend against new terrors and it seems not all of them have to be holiday themed terrors. Fans of the Netflix series will be pleased to have this trade paperback collection as a stocking stuffer.

In this work, there’s also the The Child-Eater who is haunting Hawkins, Indiana!

Comic Geddon Leonide Xmas Cover

Leonide the Vampyr: A Christmas for Crows
(Dark Horse)

Over Halloween, Leonide’s coffin crash-landed upon a sea-side town, to which the citizens saved. But what they didn’t know is that the girl was a vampyr and this book offered plenty of gentle frights to scare readers with. In her second outing, this tribute to Dracula’s landing in Europe visits some mountain resort, and this young lady has even more sinister secrets to unveil. In what I discovered from the first volume is that this little hellfire is a delight. She can even put Wednesday Addams to shame!

Anyone who loves Mike Mignola’s works will find this latest work even more crazy. In this yarn, she’ll be challenging Christmas conventions, and I suspect it’ll be far more suspenseful than a E.A. Poe tale.

Pete Von Sholly’s History of Monsters
(Clover Press)

Pete Von Sholly is best known for having done a lot of work behind the scenes than in front of. He’s a storyboard artist who loves monsters, and he’s storyboarded many well-known movies like The Mask and The Green Mile. The list is too long. When he’s not working on a film, he may well be on another comic book project. In his magnum opus, he presents a history of where the most famous beasts have come from, and why they are part of the lexicon of pop culture today. It’s a bold look from the perspective of a man who made a career out of loving the beast within.

Comic Geddon Happy Horror Days ArchieHappy Horror Days O.S.
(Archie Comics)

The holidays are going to be different, as it brings together the characters from the past Archie Horror novellas and comic books into one tidy package. It’s a ho-ho-horrible time for these kids from Riverdale, who have to not only past terrors, but also what the future may entail in this adult series. Anyone who’ve looked at the past catalogue of works will know what to expect, but for newcomers, expect to be surprised!

To see Archie and gang celebrate the occasion in this one shot is needed. Plus, we see Krampus invade Riverdale! What more can we not want? The fact various folktales from all over the world are given an Archive update is enough to sate some fans.

Comic Geddon Monsters Kramus in Concert

Monsters of Metal: Krampus in Concert
(Opus Comics)

Anyone who has read the Monsters of Metal comic book series will love this one off special. It’s written by director and visual effects artist Jason Howden (Guns Akimbo) and Llexi Leon (Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast).

This separate release pits our favourite monsters from cinema and stage up against Krampus! Maybe this holiday beast doesn’t like their music? It’ll be interesting to find out why this holiday Grinch isn’t fond of his brethren’s music.

marleys ghost

Harvey Kurtzman’s Marley’s Ghost

This 2018 Eisner Award winner is simply described as holiday magic according to New York Magazine, and I’m inclined to agree. This book is a posthumous completion of Harvey Kurtzman‘s adaptation of the classic Charles Dickens’ novel and it took more than a half century to realise.

The reason this work matters is that this creator of MAD Magazine is one of the most influential creators of the sequential art format, and no list can be complete without some work referencing this seminal classic for the season.

Comic Geddon Grimm 2022 Holiday Special

Grimm Tales of Terror: Holiday Special

This quarterly magazine promises to deliver even more dread, and for those who are on Keres the Goddess of Death’s naughty list in the cover art, perhaps we’ll get a little more than red when she’s the one saying hi to you on Christmas morning atop the sheet.

This release is offered in addition to the annual Holiday Pin-up Special to keep readers feeling more than a little warm inside.

zero ultimate manga

Disney Manga
Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas — Zero’s Journey


No list is complete without some mention of this dual-holiday classic. When Jack’s pet Zero shows his love for the season, what he finds is almost no different from the movie. It’s a fun romp with the canine skeleton as the star who needs to find his way home. When Zero finds himself in Christmas Town, the people and animals he meets are no doubt very helpful, and they aid him in his journey home. It’s a delightful tale about togetherness.

This tale was originally a 20 issue run published in 2018, and it’s now collected into a gorgeous ultimate manga edition to be enjoyed for years to come.

krampus image

(Image Comics)

No Christmas Comics list is complete without some mention of Krampus. Between this publisher’s offering and the other, I think this beast’s status in pop culture is cemented. Since not everyone chooses to celebrate the happier side of the Christmas tradition, to have this creature turn hero or villain is needed. In this take, he’s out to save the Secret Society of Santa Clauses. To make this antihero more of a super one is perhaps all anyone needs to understand why this creature, from folklore remains beloved to this day.

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