Digging for the Truth in Panya: The Mummy’s Curse

At long last, we get to know the story of one of the Mignolaverse most enigmatic characters in Panya: The Mummy’s Curse.

Payna: The Mummy's Curse #1 Comic Book CoverDark Horse Comics
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Panya: The Mummy’s Curse is a wonderful story that brings more of Ancient Egypt to the Mignolaverse. Not even the Heliopic Brotherhood of Ra has formed. This first issue of the four-volume series has a lot of nuances nestled in every page, and for a budding Egyptologist like me, it offers everything I love about this ancient world!

While long time readers of Hellboy know of the mummified version of this character, this story is about her growth from child to sorceress. Here, the title character is thrilled to learn about the old ways, and the true gods. She loves hearing about the eternal war between Ra and Apophis. But when Akhenaten changed the rules in who to worship, anyone who speaks of them better say it in hushed tones, otherwise they’ll be recognised as heretics.

Without spoiling too much, the tale offers everything I’d want to see about this world realised in a fictional form. Between that and showing Tutankhamen got me hooked. Whether this prince has a greater role to play, I’m not sure. I’ll be picking up the next issues rather than waiting months down the road to grab the trade paperback to find out!

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Detailing What’s Missing in Mummies, An Animated Rom-Com

Director Juan Jesús García Galocha could have done more to bring out the romance of what Ancient Egypt represents in Mummies.

Mummies Movie PosterSome Mummies are hard to read, and not all of them experience an easy transition to their afterlife. According to Ancient Egyptian beliefs, their souls first need to get judged and those whose heart is pure get to live on in the Field of Reeds (or the Duat). But for archaeologists looking for evidence of what kind of life they once led, the body they leave behind doesn’t always show if they’re resting in peace.

Here, Thut (Joe Thomas) lost his confidence after a racing mishap and Princess Nefer (Eleanor Tomlinson) isn’t content with her life. She’s almost like Cleopatra (in Space) because she’s fiercely independent and this version didn’t take her life. We meet her as royalty in the undead kingdom, and what’s amusing about how the two are birds of the feather.

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The Spirit of Kahmunrah Rises Again in a Night at the Museum! And He’s Not Happy.

After Kahmunrah Rises Again It’d be a miracle to see A Night at the Museum continue as a series.

Night at the Museum Kahmunrah Rises AgainStreaming on Disney Plus
Mild Spoiler Alert

Disney’s animated continuation of Night at the Museum with Kahmunrah Rises Again is a decent finale to a beloved franchise. Despite having to get other voice over talents in to voice this latest entry to the franchise, I’m okay with it. That’s because bringing Ricky Gervais and Ben Stiller back is probably too expensive. And to continue it as a live action film without Robin Williams, who passed away many years ago, would be a disservice. Thomas Lennon, who replaces him, does his best to honour this comedian, even though his vocal performance isn’t entirely perfect.

I am a fan of 20th Century Fox’s original trilogy, and even after the acquisition by Disney, I’m glad that the roots are honoured. The reason objects come to life is because the Moon God Khonsu empowered the Golden Tablet of Pharaoh Ahkmenrah to animate them. Historically and spiritually, the ushabti figurines placed in the tombs come to life to take care of the deceased person’s needs. However, in this film’s world, any effigy don’t have to do that. They can serve a greater good should they happen across a person whom they recognise needs their help to overcome problems in his or her life. In the live-action films, Larry Daley finds a new purpose, and in the animated continuation, Nick (Joshua Bassett), acquires the confidence he needs to become a young adult who can take on the world.

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There’s Gold with CMON’s Gods of Egypt

It’s not Ankh-expected that CMON’s Gods of Egypt is exceeding expectations amongst board gamers to be a Kickstarter success.

Ankh: Gods of Egypt

It’s not Ankh-expected that CMON’s Gods of Egypt is exceeding expectations amongst board gamers to be a Kickstarter success. That said, just what miniatures enthusiasts and wargamers can expect is finally revealed. This crowdfunding campaign began a week ago and hit six times the amount (at the time of writing) required to get this game into production! They are very close to unlocking all the stretch goals, and this is particularly exciting for me, it’s cheaper to buy this game than to collect the giant-sized knock-offs from a local Arabian shop to display. The difference between those touristy items and the product here is that I can play with them!

Here, the story is simple: Play an Egyptian god or goddess hoping to stay strong–worshipped by the devout as they provide the only means for survival as monotheism crawls closer. Only can survive whilst the others will fall.

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Cleopatra in Space Needs to Come to Netflix America!

Cleopatra in Space Title Card

By Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

Currently available on Netflix Asia

I’m not sure which version of Cleopatra should appreciate more–the sci-fi action Cleopatra 2525 or animated Cleopatra in Space. Both involve the titular character getting thrown to the future with a despot wanting to rule the galaxy. Problem is, neither are ready to be involved in an ongoing conflict. The former is campy pulp action style fun in the style of Hercules The Legendary Adventures or Xena Warrior Princess. Jennifer Sky (who played the titular character) continued working in Hollywood after this series, but she never got that breakout role which would take her to the brightest stars.

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