CMON on Board the NFT Train with Zombicide

To combine an online CCG with NFT is more of a game-changer since it can increase the value of a card.

CMON LogoCMON LTD wants to create a NFT marketplace for collectors to exchange digital artwork of their line of IPs, and thus the platform and company Monsoon Digital is ready to take shape! Amongst the first wave of collectibles is licensed artwork from Zombicide. Although trading is limited at the moment, the idea to grow this product depends on whether gamers will embrace this “new fad” or not. Wizards of the Coast had their own idea to turn Magic the Gathering into that, but when there was an unofficial product being made, they shut that down fast.

As for how that can work in the real world depends on what one can do with a digital product that doesn’t have a real world counterpart. The platform is now open as a public beta at and what I’m seeing barely scratches the surface. I’ll be keeping my eyes on it though, since it’d be nice to have some kind of “ownership” over customised material for a game. I see this practise at comic book conventions, where a collector asks their favourite artist to draw a character or planeswalker they love (Chandra for example) to use as a proxy card over using the official one. The concept for digital is no different.

For now, fans of the Zombicide board game can exchange digital assets to adjust what their favourite characters can wear. In order to survive, what they hold as their wares matters a lot more. That is, people can fuse a bunch of cards together to improve the artwork. Currently, these upgrades are pre-defined rather than user-created, and what’s featured online have a bit of animation on them. They won’t interact with you, but it’s a cute touch to give life to the character cards. The only problem I see here is that you can’t bring this into the board game. I suspect that if the idea takes off, CMON might be open to allowing it into their games.

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There’s Gold with CMON’s Gods of Egypt

It’s not Ankh-expected that CMON’s Gods of Egypt is exceeding expectations amongst board gamers to be a Kickstarter success.

Ankh: Gods of Egypt

It’s not Ankh-expected that CMON’s Gods of Egypt is exceeding expectations amongst board gamers to be a Kickstarter success. That said, just what miniatures enthusiasts and wargamers can expect is finally revealed. This crowdfunding campaign began a week ago and hit six times the amount (at the time of writing) required to get this game into production! They are very close to unlocking all the stretch goals, and this is particularly exciting for me, it’s cheaper to buy this game than to collect the giant-sized knock-offs from a local Arabian shop to display. The difference between those touristy items and the product here is that I can play with them!

Here, the story is simple: Play an Egyptian god or goddess hoping to stay strong–worshipped by the devout as they provide the only means for survival as monotheism crawls closer. Only can survive whilst the others will fall.

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A Late (Un)Boxing Day Video: Digging into CMON’s Cthulhu, Death May Die

Image result for cthulhu death may die
The core game is available on Amazon USAir?t=wiupgeatthmo 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B07XJDYR1T

By Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

The battle of the titans, or rather Elder Gods has begun! The question of which H.P. Lovecraft inspired tabletop board game is better needs to be asked. When Petersen Games and CMON are dealing out destruction in an unearthly scale, the challenge lays more in which sculpt is better. My money is with neither. Cthulhu is an unwieldy creation that’s hard to realize in any visual format; the author wrote:

A monster of vaguely anthropoid outline, but with an octopus-like head whose face was a mass of feelers, a scaly, rubbery-looking body, prodigious claws on hind and fore feet, and long, narrow wings behind.

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So When Will Ankh: Gods of Egypt Kickstart?

CMON Announces Ankh Board GameBy Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

The news of a miniatures based board game set in Ancient Egypt has me over the moon, if not hovering by Ra (the sun), in anticipation of its eventual Kickstarter launch. The original press release suggested it will launch in late 2019, but with everyone in Christmas mode, I don’t think the listing will appear until early next year.

The images of the demo on Twitter (see below) is merely a tease. After receiving CMON’s Cthulhu: Death May Die board game last week, the super high quality of the minis is as I expected. The Egyptian fanatic in me is hopping! An unboxing video will be coming soon (update: it’s become a review during my editing–the video is here).

The quality of the scale model pieces are amazing and the painter in me can’t wait to give colour to not only the game I currently have but also with adding to my collection. Technically, they’re not usable with other games like Games Workshop’s Warhammer series. Sadly, the Khemri was removed from the game and are deeply buried under the sand. The same can be said for Reaper Miniatures’ Warlord which no longer sees updates.

It’s not ank-hpected (had to say it) that enthusiasts of any game product in this setting desire a quality game, and I can’t wait for CMON to launch this project. I’m sure they are still fine tuning the 3D models for mass production, hence the delay.
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