[Victoria, BC] Charles Ross One Man Mega-Hit Marathon (Star Wars, LotR, Batman)

Charles Ross will be taking part in University of Victoria Phoenix Theatre’s celebration of 50 glorious years of creating great theatre. 

Charles Ross presenting One Man Lord of the Rings
Charles Ross presenting One Man Lord of the Rings

Charles Ross will be taking part in University of Victoria Phoenix Theatre’s celebration of 50 glorious years of creating great theatre. During this alumni festivity, he will be performing an exhaustive “One Man” Marathon (Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and Batman). The fun begins on October 11 and ends on the 17th. There are other shows taking place too, but I’m sure the nerds of Victoria, BC will be there for Ross.

For those who have not seen these shows, I heavily recommend to readers nearby to consider making a trip over to the south-eastern tip of Vancouver Island. Not many people realize this garden city is his home; for those who do not know what this part of the world is like, its beautiful for much of the year because of its varied (mostly British) architectural heritage, temperate climate and laid-back attitude.

To adventure here will imitate part of the hero’s journey Ross often puts across in his shows. To discover what that means requires attending a performance.

To learn more about this man and his works, including a look into how he approached developing each of these One Man shows, please look at these past interviews and look at his current works in progress:

(Otaku no Culture) Charles Ross’ One Man Star Wars & Lord of the Rings

(Two Hungry Blokes) One Man Star Wars Does the Dark Knight Trilogy

(Two Hungry Blokes) Will There Be Further Adventures of Ape Man and Fish Boy?

To purchase tickets, please visit the Phoenix Theatre’s web page here. Matinee shows are offered for Star Wars and Batman over the weekend.

Ed’s Top 10 Picks In Honour of Star Trek at 50 Years

There’s plenty of product to enjoy when considering all the television broadcasts and novels that’s been put out there. We consider the best of Star Trek at 50 years.

Star Trek at 50 yearsSeptember 8 marks the official date Star Trek came on the air for three years of this original series’ five-year mission. To look at Star Trek at 50 years, we now have various ways to admire the frontiers it has conquered.

Soon, there will be a new series, titled Star Trek: Discovery, which will become available on CBS All Access and other networks around the world. Comics and books are already being planned to expand upon this prequel series. Everyone will be excited and some of us will ask if it will be faithful to creator Gene Roddenberry‘s vision? According to StarTrek.com, yes! Older fans will be thrilled and for a new generation, they get a taste of what made this universe great! To get bold new adventures “on television” after a decade-long absence will be particularly thrilling.

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Batman Is Not the Only Hero Celebrating a 50th Anniversary

The continued fan support does not necessarily rival the appeal of Batman, but the fact that two dark knights are celebrating in the same year must be noted!

Burt Ward and Adam West are BatmanToday marks the 50th anniversary of the 60’s television series, Batman, and most of the fanfare is coming from generation X’ers who grew up watching it and are working hard in the pop culture/entertainment industry.

In honour of this day, LEGO has announced the release of a drool worthy Batcave play-set inspired by the designs used in this show. This massive build includes the retro Batmobile, Batcopter, and Batcycle. Now who does not want that? This set is due to hit shelves March 2016.

Although there was news about Adam West and Burt Ward reprising their role in an animated product this year, sadly it was not released on this day. It will have to appear later in the year, perhaps coinciding with either Suicide Squad or Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Although a mark was missed, the year is still young! These two heroes have punched their way into syndication success. This series, however campy as it was, helped put DC comics on the road to further fame in other media. Superman can only do so much.

At the same time, plenty of other heroes are also celebrating their premiere on the small screen in 1966.

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Happy Birthday Doctor Who!

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)


One of my earliest recollections of seeing Doctor Who was in front of the telly with Jon Pertwee playing the iconic role. To see his face float down, deeper into that dimensional vortex is a recollection that I will carry with me till my end of days. And what I saw was very colourful!

But for this special day, 50 years ago, that was when this series hit the airwaves to change a nation, if not the face of British pop culture forever. Thank you for all the many years of memories. Thank you for showing there is always hope. And thanks for surviving to this new century to show that your message has never changed, even though the producers and writers have.

Happy Birthday Doctor Who! May you last for many more years to come!

Blast to the Past with An Adventure in Time & Space, A Review!

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)


* Spoiler alert

Not every new fan of Doctor Who will know the full story behind the creation of popular culture’s greatest icon from Great Britain. Thankfully, the BBC has taken it upon themselves to create An Adventure in Space and Time to look at the years when this series became a success in a somewhat historical but yet fictional form. In the final day leading up to the 50th Anniversary special, this fascinating docu-drama will get further broadcasts throughout the world as it looks at how the series started.

But this movie also chronicles Verity Lambert’s (Jessica Raine) rise to being a prominent creative force behind the scenes. She helped William Hartnell (excellently played by David Bradley) become an enduring figure that later actors could not even come close to mimicking. Try as these actors might, the goal is to not be what the First Doctor or Bill represented. Instead, it was to make the Doctor Who character their own so that each’s actor’s contribution will be remembered.

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