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Blast to the Past with An Adventure in Time & Space, A Review!

22 Nov

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)


* Spoiler alert

Not every new fan of Doctor Who will know the full story behind the creation of popular culture’s greatest icon from Great Britain. Thankfully, the BBC has taken it upon themselves to create An Adventure in Space and Time to look at the years when this series became a success in a somewhat historical but yet fictional form. In the final day leading up to the 50th Anniversary special, this fascinating docu-drama will get further broadcasts throughout the world as it looks at how the series started.

But this movie also chronicles Verity Lambert’s (Jessica Raine) rise to being a prominent creative force behind the scenes. She helped William Hartnell (excellently played by David Bradley) become an enduring figure that later actors could not even come close to mimicking. Try as these actors might, the goal is to not be what the First Doctor or Bill represented. Instead, it was to make the Doctor Who character their own so that each’s actor’s contribution will be remembered.

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“The Night of the Doctor” Release by BBC Fills in the Gaps

14 Nov

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

DoctorwhoDoctor Who fans may not want all the answers now, but today BBC has released a short mini-episode, “The Night of the Doctor” which answers one huge question concerning The Doctor’s 8th incarnation — Paul McGann — role in the grand scheme of things. He’s part of the canon despite having only one movie made featuring him and many audio radio plays created by Big Finish. But there’s more to him than the meets the eye. His importance comes into play in this short.

As for how he fits between the “Americanization” of the product to its eventual “reboot” with Christopher Eccleston leading the way, or rather always on the run — that needs to be addressed.

I’ve always followed the principle of Occam’s razor and since this video’s release is official, all I can really say is that I knew it. I even wrote about it, by saying ‘All those dark impulses that makes up the Doctor’s psyche will have to resurface at some point.’

And it makes for anticipation of “The Day of the Doctor” all the more exciting. Fans can check this Doctor Who mini-episode out:


Note: Readers can also review James’ article “John Hurt Is the Eighth Doctor?” and see that his prediction was also correct.

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Round Up!

22 Jul

608By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

So, just what do fans know so far about the coming Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special? On Nov 23, Matt Smith, John Hurt and David Tennant will be the Doctor. Jenna Coleman, Billie Piper, Joanna Page are amongst the first billed, but as for returning cameos from the classic series, BBC is still keeping mum. The likelihood of anyone appearing from the original 1964-1989 run is slim. Well, the exception may well simply lay with Nicholas Briggs.

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Doctor Who: Matt Smith Exits. So Who Will Be the Next Doctor?

2 Jun

By Ed Sum
David Tennant Returns?

** Spoiler Alert

BBC and The Telegraph have confirmed that Matt Smith is indeed leaving the series, Doctor Who. As for who will replace him, that could either be John Hurt or the return of David Tennant. If the cliffhanger of season seven is any indication, the 50th Anniversary special will no doubt address this particular addition. As for the ramifications, hopefully the series will make a change for the better and explore the psyche of what the Doctor really is.

Is all the ‘good’ that he is doing truly that, or is there some selfishness about him that viewers do not really know? Long time fans will recall that the First Doctor (William Hartnell) did have an air of selfishness and self-centeredness about him. The episode “Name of the Doctor” did come full circle with Hurt mimicking some of Hartnell’s style.

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