Ed’s Top 10 Picks In Honour of Star Trek at 50 Years

There’s plenty of product to enjoy when considering all the television broadcasts and novels that’s been put out there. We consider the best of Star Trek at 50 years.

Star Trek Deep Space 9 Sisko and VreenakStar Trek: Deep Space 9
“In the Pale Moonlight”

In the Federation’s darkest hour in their war with The Dominion, life is pretty grim at the outpost which orbits the planet Bajor. Whoever controls this planet will ultimately hold the fate of the sector since it is a strategic launch point for either side to launch a counter-offensive. On Stardate 51721.3, Captain Sisko records a log entry to rationalize his decision to bring the Romulan Empire to the war, and in why this episode succeeds is that it shows how cowboy diplomacy and ethical dilemmas can turn the tide.

While this story is part of a greater arc which spans the last three seasons of this series, it stands well on its own without having to know a lot about the scope of everything that’s going on. Avery Brooks makes for a great “Devil.”

Star Trek: Deep Space 9 "Take Me Out to the Holosuite"

Star Trek: Deep Space 9
“Take Me Out to the Holosuite”

In another perfect standalone episode is an examination of the crew dynamics which exists. If everyone does not help each other, then divided they fall instead of united they stand. Everyone loves the Ferengi Rom. He’s irrepressible and a clutz with a heart of gold. When Sisko dismisses him from the team, everyone stands for the little man instead of the captain, who happens to have an unhealthy rivalry with a former schoolmate turned captain. Worse of all, he’s Vulcan and he gets to hide his chagrin well. This episode is as amusing as it is telltale. The metaphors are obvious, and yes, no matter what the craft the crew is operating, they have to be functioning as a team if they are to beat any odds.

Star Trek Rising Son Novel Cover

Star Trek: Deep Space 9
“Rising Son”

(available on AmazonStar Trek)

As part of the 10th Anniversary of this particular series, a set of books was released as an unofficial continuation of where the finale left off. Captain Sisko is now with the “wormhole” aliens, learning what it means to be a profit, and his son, Jake, is now the focus. He’s trying to pick up the pieces but is feeling mostly lost deep inside. He misses his father and decides to enter the wormhole to find him.

In where he ends up is a very Farscape style adventure where he has to make new friends with an alien crew. He discovers more about himself and his self-worth. More importantly, there’s added mythology of how the Prophets are viewed by other civilizations.

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