They are a Factory No More. Shout! Studios is Its New Name and We Have a Theory….

Shout! Studios’ 20th anniversary will be commemorated through a variety of consumer touchpoints, including special programming and streaming events on Shout’s digital entertainment service.

Shout! Studios New LogoThroughout its two decades of lovingly releasing iconic films and series, Shout! Factory has cultivated an uncanny ability to discover great content by tapping into the cultural zeitgeist, applied this expertise to acquiring, producing, and distributing quality new releases, and provided audiences with novel ways to enjoy entertainment content they love across established and emerging streaming platforms. As part of the official commencement of Shout’s 20th-anniversary celebration, the company announced last week a name change to Shout! Studios to better reflect the entire scope of its business expansion and strategic direction.

From the press release, this rebranded company also released a 20th-anniversary logo and as well as a new motion logo that will appear on all future Shout releases. The animated logo represents the Shout! brand’s global vision while paying homage to the company’s rich history in entertainment and its cultural impact. The company has also launched a newly redesigned corporate website (

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Arashi’s Record Memories is coming to AMC March 22nd!

ARASHI with logo REV.jpgPicturehouse is set to release the pre-hiatus final concert film of the wildly popular Japanese pop sensation, ARASHI, exclusively with AMC theatres for one night only in the US on Tuesday, March 22.  The release is being handled between Picturehouse and GAGA Corporation, its international sales agent.

ARASHI ANNIVERSARY TOUR 5×20 FILM ‘RECORD OF MEMORIES’ was released in Japan by Shochiku on November 26, 2021, and grossed $39,542,007 in theaters, making it the highest grossing live-action film in Japan in 2021. Following the film’s domestic success, US fans of the group will now be able to enjoy it through this special screening presentation at select theaters across the country.

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After a Return to Hogwarts, it’s Easy to be Wild about Harry Potter Again.

After seeing Harry Potter: Return to Hogwarts, I’m inclined to rewatch the movies again, just because I that’s how inspiring this reunion is.

Harry Potter Reunion Special | Watch Full Film OnlineIt’s hard to believe 20 years have passed since the theatrical release of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. The personalities moved on to appearing in more demanding projects, but in the eyes of fans, Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint will always be Harry, Hermione and Ron. But there’s more people who made this film franchise what it is today. Also included are the directors–Chris Columbus, Alfonso Cuarón, Mike Newell and David Yates–and supporting cast (the list is too huge to present here).

The Return to Hogwarts special shows the reasons they are beloved. It examines the legacy of the films from their perspective. Also included are all the key talents involved in making this version of J. K. Rowling’s books come to life. Evanna Lynch is one such person since she knew every bit of the lore. Although we don’t get to see everyone return to offer their five pence–like Warwick Davis, David Bradley and David Thewlis (actors whom I greatly admire)–I can understand why this work decided to make its focus on specific talents.

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Where’s Pippin? Oh, at SMUS’ 20th Anniversary at Victoria Fringe Festival

Image result for victoria fringe pippinLocation:
St. Michaels University School
3400 Richmond Road

Remaining Shows:
Aug 30 07:00 pm
Aug 31 02:00 pm
Aug 31 07:00 pm

No year of attending the Victoria Fringe Theatre Festival can be complete without a show from St Michaels University School as they put on a high school level production of an award winning Broadway play. This year is notable as the summer program which teaches theatre celebrate 20 years and returns to Pippin. This musical was their very first.

In all the years I’ve been covering this event, I feel it’s worth the trip away from the event core (downtown Victoria) to check out. Fans of Broadway shows will not be disappointed. To note: the cast rotates, so each student gets to play two different roles.

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Thoughts on the Trailer for Pokémon Sun & Moon!

pokemon-20th-anniversaryThe Sun and Moon are going to arrive together come November 18, 2016, for this latest instalment of the Pokémon franchise. Unlike previous teases of what’s to come for this video game for the Nintendo New 3DS XLPokemon (as featured in the trailer) and the 2DS (unavailable in North America), this announcement reveals where the story will take place, on an island chain named Alola region (this game’s version of Hawaii). Players will be embarking upon an adventure being introduced by a male adult, named Kukui. He says, “Welcome to Paradise, Cousin.”

Immediately, I’m wondering how involved this person will be during the game?

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