Weekend Recap: Comic-Con@Home vs Pokemon GO Fest 2020! The Result…

Between Comic Con and NIantic’s event, to say which is better is tough fans of everything, every where can’t do it all at once.

San Deigo Comic Con International LogoBetween Pokemon GO Fest (Home Edition) and Comic-Con2020@Home, this weekend was certainly packed with a lot of nerdy delights to do. With the latter, one could participate in online gaming of various sorts–including teaming up with players in PoGO for remote raids–check out virtual panels or shop.

Believe it or not, I took part in both.

Niantic Inc Pokemon GO Logo

Niantic’s revised plans for their celebration of their flagship game was good. Saturday was better than Sunday. With rotating habitats coming to you instead of you wandering the city with a face mask on is an excellent plan. Players can play for a few hours or go nuts during both days! Sadly, nobody is going to get anything good by couch surfing this game; hundos, shinies and legendaries aren’t going to be in abundance by playing at home. Instead, players have to wander the neighbourhood to maximize their gains. The timed research tasks were not too difficult, and can be done within 3-4 hours.

Day two was a disappointment. There were no more habitats, and everything was just piled into one huge mega eight hour D&D quest where walking and searching is required for those who braved the elements–especially for those hunters wanting a shiny Gible.

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Enter the Shaman King! (to ComiXology)

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Copyright: Shaman King © Hiroyuki Takei/Kodansha Ltd.

After many years out of print, Shaman King, Hiroyuki Takei‘s shonen manga classic, will return in English and be completed for the first time ever on Tuesday, July 28th! Featuring brand-new cover art from the creator himself, all 35 volumes of the original Shaman King series – including the final three volumes never before published in English – will be available to read digitally starting next Tuesday, as part of the ComiXology Originals line of exclusive content.

For those who missed the Shaman King SDCC2020@Home YouTube stream fret not. There were hiccups at the time it was supposed to go live and it is fixed.

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How to Partake in SDCC 2020 @Home Edition

San Deigo Comic Con International Logo 2The 2020 San Diego Comic Con is here (sort of) and this year, because of a certain pandemic, it’s gone fully virtual! That means you can join in the fun from anywhere in the world. While the at home edition is nothing like the real thing, I’m glad that I can partake in a partial experience. Will I want a keepsake? Maybe…

From industry panels to what’s upcoming–including many anniversary celebrations–the choice of what to do is not as limited as one may think. Without bumping into your favourite hero or pop culture icon in the causeway for a photo op, the only hope is that the mailman can at least bring those items ordered while dressed as Deadpool. The exhibit hall will go online for the duration of the physical event for those wanting to purchase goodies, but will there be exclusives?

On my digital itinerary are my top picks in what to tune in to. The links will to to YouTube when the panel goes live.

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So San Diego Comic-Con 2020 is Shut Down. What’s Next?

Program Schedule | Comic-Con International: San Diego

When San Diego Comic-Con announced this morning that it’s cancelled for this year, other events must follow suit. This news was inevitable because of Wondercon preferring to err on the side of caution. With no surprise, Anime Expo 2020 is next to be cancelled until next year. In the Pacific Northwest, that means Emerald City Comic Con, managed by ReedPOP, should be brought back next year than continue this summer. I understand they are a business and is motivated to give a show (making a profit or not) than bite the bullet. When the grandmother of all pop culture events made the tough call, all other events should pay attention. Even concerts from the likes of ZZ Top and KISS are not likely to continue; It’s ironic to note that it’s not quite the “End of the Road” yet when it’s postponed.

Pushing a show to another season is not always the best idea. When Covid-19 is a virus that doesn’t pick who to infect and has no known medical cure, every mass gathering is just courting disaster and potential law-suits. The request by the government to the populace to stay at home is to mitigate the number of people getting infected. When stepping out for doing essential tasks is required, all the top doctors advice is to keep your distance away from other folks. Having as many barriers all around you might help prevent catching or spreading it, but there’s no guarantee.

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The Vintage Tempest’s Top 5 Favourite News from SDCC 2019

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By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

Attendees go to San Diego Comic Con 2019 for many reasons. For some, it’s all about the networking potential to get their feet in the door of the comic book industry (plenty of panels exist to learn from the best). For the casual fan, there’s the crazy shopping experience or discovering new works they have not heard about.

Others want to hear the latest news then wait for the online recap and then there are the special screenings! After parties goes without saying and just nerding out there is the reason some go. However, I was torn as Fantasia Film Festival and SDCC overlap. Looking at both shows remotely was my choice.

Those people curious in what I’m excited for, here’s my top five geek out moments. Sorry Marvel, but I’m not super excited for your Phase 4 action just yet. Black Widow, Loki, and Doctor Strange 2, yes. Everything else, I just do not know.

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