[Victoria, BC] Quick Takes on Victoria’s Ultimate Hobby and Toy Fair Return!

14 May

[Victoria, BC] Quick Takes at Victoria's Ultimate Hobby & Toy Fair

Day one at Victoria’s Ultimate Hobby and Toy Fair shows this city was certainly anxious for its return. I saw a small lineup at the door when I arrived around 10:30am. I’m sure everyone wanted to find something cool to take home. I saw happy youths with nerf guns and adults with other nifty goods leaving as I was waiting to get inside.

I had only two goals in mind: see if I can pick up any LEGO Ninjago product (the selection was super slim) and if I can find that one elusive comic book to finish my Marvel’s ROM (Sorry, IDW) collection. I wondered if I could nail the Doctor Fate Series Three and Four. Mail order makes it too easy, but the thrill of the hunt is what makes attending shows like this fun. And quite often, I end up buying something else instead….

In essence, as one vendor I’m good friends with pointed out, this event is a flea market of sorts. But in between the independents (Vancouver Island operations like Fan Favourites, JigglyPig Comics and Cherry Bomb Toys proudly showing off their banner) and maybe two larger operations–namely Ages Three and Up–selling their wares, nearly all the regulars from the past shows are present. Empire Donuts is a mainstay, but I recently decided that I really have to cut back on my sugar intake.

I can’t say if Epic Games Victoria was there today as there was no signage indicating so. But nearly one out of every ten tables I walked by had some selection to consider. The store might set up shop tomorrow though.

Most of the major brands–Gundam, Transformers, Star Wars, Hot Wheels, LEGO, Star Trek, and Barbie–that people tend to look for are present, and I really wasn’t looking for any of those (save for Ninjago). I had more pleasure chatting with old friends who regularly sell during this show and that made the visit just as good. 

I couldn’t spot any How to Train Your Dragon merchandise, but I’m sure if I decided to return Sunday, there might be something. Each day promises to be slightly different, but after two years of myself doing that (on and off), it’s not always worth taking the time out. The winter show is often better. The local Etsy type operations have more enticing stuff to pick up. One seller had a unique (unauthorised) Studio Ghibli inspired piece of wood burned art, but I had to pass since I prefer official products over fan made.

Victoria's Ultimate Hobby and Toy Fair

Victoria’s Hobby and Toy Fair have more than enough sellers with items tempting window shoppers to purchase. Alas I think the selection will be better come October. Restarting any event after a prolonged absense is never easy. The event was packed before noon and the fervour instead of a fever was there. Thankfully it isn’t covid as I’d say the event is back in a three-quarters force for this weekend’s event. I noticed half the attendees were masked up, making a lot of people glad that they won’t be taking the wrong thing home.

Victoria’s Ultimate Hobby and Toy Fair Gallery


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