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After Capital City Comic Con, What’s Next for Victoria, BC?

25 Mar


Image result for comic booksBy Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

After Capital City Comic Convention, what’s next? Some fans cannot wait for the next show but that will be a year away. In the meantime, Vancouver Island has enough shows making the fun last month after month. On the list are:

Whether this list is too much or too little, the local fandom community have more than enough to keep going. Those interested in coming to the garden city of Victoria, BC from afar will have to arrange their own travel and accommodations.

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The Aftermath; Cherry Bomb Toys Blows Up Their Ultimate Toy Fair to Two Days!

1 May


Cherry Bomb Toys Pano

Cherry Bomb Toys Panoramic view

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

Nobody can ever know about the possible discoveries to be found at Cherry Bomb Toys’ Ultimate Toy Fair. Instead of a one-day event, it is now two. At least a third of the space was occupied by local shops with items from their vaults and the rest are from either long-time collectors or hobby enthusiasts’ massive collections. Had I spent more careful time on Saturday, I might have spotted the set of miniatures from Dark Crystal the Movie! This product from 1982 was from Pinnacle.

In past shows, I acquired the Orguss from the Super Dimension Century series of the same time. It’s missing the gun, and in due time, I will have the CAD design skills to create and 3D print the replacement part. I even found an Invid once; I passed on it because it was very battle damaged. The thrill of the hunt for random goodness defines why I continue going. The fact it’s a weekend event now had me curious and I had to explore the possibility of what I could find when not everyone will be vending for both days.

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A Look Into the Retro with Toy Collecting

19 Apr

SONY DSCBy Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

Model railroads, Hot Rod cars, G.I. Joe, Transformers, Barbie and LEGO are all toys everyone has played with in their childhood, but growing up often leaves those playthings far behind. For the adult toy collector, they can finally own the stuff they couldn’t buy as a child, and the new toys coming out are a must because they look cool.

Biagio Woodward, manager of Cherry Bomb Toys in Victoria, BC believes that toys are designed for people of all ages. This shop moves a fair bit of product and the Christmas season is the best time for shoppers to look for that hard to find item for that hard to please nerd in the family. Sometimes, the perfect gift is a recycled one to bring back the nostalgia of what that geek loved when he or she was young, and in what was played with. Woodward believes what the current line of toys are trying to do is to match the quality of old toys, and collectors are willing to pay more money for them, old or new.

“For example, GI Joe toys from the 60’s is the basis of the 12″ toys of today because they are super-poseable,” says Woodward.

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Contest Alert: My Friend Monster!

20 Apr

By James Robert Shaw (The Wind up Geek)

unnamedmonsterMy Friend Monster is having a delightful little contest. And for this contest all you have to do is to suggest the name for a new “super” monster. If your name for the new monster is picked from a list of entries, you will win a pair of tickets to Victoria’s Ultimate Hobby and Toy Fair.

This fair is presented by Cherry Bomb Toys and will take place on April 27, 2014 in Victoria, British Columbia at the George R. Pearkes Community Recreation Centre.

My Friend Monster was started in 2009 by artist Terri Wild and is the premier friend placement agency for handmade monsters. You can follow My Friend Monster on their official Facebook page.

A Personal Look at Cherry Bomb Toy’s 11th Ultimate Hobby and Toy Fair

5 May

George R. Pearkes Rec Centre
Saanich, B.C

To be that good Anglican boy, I should’ve attended eucharist at Christ Church Cathedral Sunday morning. Instead I was attending what one may consider a religion of its own.: a toy show.

Victoria’s Ultimate Toy and Hobby Fair happens twice a year at the G.R. Pearkes Recreation Centre and the first of 2013 is bigger than the last of 2012. To be there early on May 5th at 8am was a delight. When the doors opened for the early bird crowd, I was rewarded with two IMAX passes, good for a discounted group rate at the National Geographic IMAX theatre, located next to the Royal B.C. Museum. The first thousand attendees were awarded with these coupons. Before entering the show floor, I had already came away with goodies. But what was awaiting for me to see out on the dealers’ floor?

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