The Aftermath; Cherry Bomb Toys Blows Up Their Ultimate Toy Fair to Two Days!

1 May


Cherry Bomb Toys Pano

Cherry Bomb Toys Panoramic view

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

Nobody can ever know about the possible discoveries to be found at Cherry Bomb Toys’ Ultimate Toy Fair. Instead of a one-day event, it is now two. At least a third of the space was occupied by local shops with items from their vaults and the rest are from either long-time collectors or hobby enthusiasts’ massive collections. Had I spent more careful time on Saturday, I might have spotted the set of miniatures from Dark Crystal the Movie! This product from 1982 was from Pinnacle.

In past shows, I acquired the Orguss from the Super Dimension Century series of the same time. It’s missing the gun, and in due time, I will have the CAD design skills to create and 3D print the replacement part. I even found an Invid once; I passed on it because it was very battle damaged. The thrill of the hunt for random goodness defines why I continue going. The fact it’s a weekend event now had me curious and I had to explore the possibility of what I could find when not everyone will be vending for both days.

At the back of the arena, The 501st Legion and Dark Knight of Victoria entertained the kids. Empire Donuts, Phillips Soda Works and David’s Tea help fed the crowd. The silent auction offered a nice mix of items and all proceeds go to the MS Society of Canada. I do not know what to think of the leftovers from Capital City Comic Con (4C); a pair of autographs from one celebrity than all were offered. Had there been a tee with signatures of everyone, that would have drawn more interest.

Silent Auction


After this big show, the enthusiasm was still there. Nerds were out looking for deals and if anyone showed fatigue, it was well hidden. A table for next year’s show was here to sell tickets and leftover swag. According to Biago Woodward, the chief organizer behind this show and 4C, everyone was happy (vendor and attendee alike). He noticed a lot more GI-Joe collections being sold than Transformers, and I saw plenty of Marvel Comics and Star Wars. Unlike comic conventions where they feel hectic, this one was more laid back. It’s a mecca for collectors than conventioneers. Coming here is like embarking on a treasure hunt. If you do not look hard enough, sometimes that piece of eight can get away.

Approximately half of the vendors changed the next day, making that quest last longer. While the bigger vendors remained, like Ages 3 and Up, others were in the mom and pop type of tables taking turns to sell varied goods. Everyone was smart enough to restock, so that even when revisiting, those attendees can remark, “I did not see that yesterday.”


When this show wants folks to spend most of the day here, I found myself spent (not broke) by noon. Three laps are all I need to wander around to eye various goods. My needs have gotten specific, but I was not going to let anything get away because there will always be that “you never know” situation of maybe finding that elusive Fireworm I want from How to Train Your Dragon. When the same Marvel Legends figure of Rogue is selling at half the price of an eBay listing, I have reason to always try looking here first than going online.

Woodward mentioned he was able to shop too. He spotted vintage items which will be added to the National Toy Museum of Canada. I agree with his philosophy to support local as much as possible.

Wiffle Games, a new operation based out of Chemainus, BC had a stretch of tables where they have mint G1 Transformers to sell at this show! The fact they do retro console mods caught my interest. For nerds living mid-island, they now have a haven to visit.


This bi-yearly event is scheduled for October 20 & 21st, 2018 to cater to the Christmas crowd. Things will change to make the experience different and early bird entry is Saturday only. I think this time around, I will wake up with the rooster since I was told by one vendor that he brought that one item I really wanted to this show, but it got scooped up in the morning. Darn those raccoons.



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