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Ed’s Pokémon GO Journals — How to Truly Fix Gym Stagnation

14 Nov

pokemon-go-logoBy Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

Niantic‘s latest update to curb Pokémon GO gym stagnation is a step in the right direction but I feel more can be done. Players can now lower more prestige points from rival gyms and levelling up will be a touch more difficult. Trying to get more players to fight at gyms is still a problem and for myself, I will not tackle a level 6 or higher gym alone. If I have to feed this company’s coffers with real world money just for those egg incubators, lures and incense I will. And I have racked up enough survey points from different programs to get iTunes/Google Play gift cards without spending. This trick is one some players know about, and It beats spending money on gas to find gyms where a defender can be placed only to have an uncertain future of how long it will last.

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An Autumn / Winter Survival Kit for Pokémon GO

5 Nov

pokemon-go-logoBy Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

When the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting colder, not everyone will be truly outdoors playing Pokémon GO. Only the hardcore will be and it’s a safe bet some will be playing in the comfort of their warm vehicle. There’s nothing wrong with that even though it defeats the spirit of what the developers intended with the game — but what else can they do? Nobody wants to get sick while playing the game. Freezing to death to catch an Ice type (fortunately there’s only a few, like the Jynx, in generation one) is not worth the effort. The myth of pocket monsters appearing during certain extreme types of weather is debunked over on The Silph Road.

Some areas can become vehicular disaster zones as a result of everyone wanting to stay cozy. I have talked about this problem in an earlier entry. In summary, these folks need to be considerate so the parks can be enjoyed by all.

For those willing to brave the elements, the following is just common sense:

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Ed’s Pokémon GO Journals – The Upcoming Halloween Treat is Not all that Sweet

25 Oct

pokemon-go-halloween-169-enBy Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

The latest two updates for Pokémon GO has been lacklustre. Either Niantic is simply releasing simple tweaks of the game in hopes players will remain interested or they are struggling to think of creative ways to maintain its user base.

The October 10th release made the life of a trainer a touch easier with catch bonuses — which is much needed — and a better method to train up a gym from the same team as the player, but that hardly felt like enough to maintain my interest. I still play, but not as much. I’m nearly completing my Pokédex in terms of pocket monsters fought or caught in North America, and I’m still pining for a proper tracker.

The latest fix released this week is merely cosmetic and adds functionality for Pokémon GO Plus users (to which I do not have). I see no reason to upgrade the game because I assume the bonuses offered are being handled server side than local. Beginning Oct 26th and lasting for a week players can continue catching, grinding and walking any Pokémon to net extra candy. More ghostly Pokemon will appear (and Cubones). When there’s only three in the generation one set, why? There’s no Mega Gengar I can evolve. This game is not Pokémon Shuffle — where this spirit’s special ability is useful. Generation two does not add to this category save for one: a Misdreavus. Certain Psychic types will appear more, which means swarms of Drowzees (the city I live in is overpopulated with them and they deserve to be washed away with the torrential rains my hometown often gets). Based on the lists I’ve been seeing, other creatures from this category, namely Abras, are not included. Shame! I do not mind the Zubats. They make sense for the season of the witch. Their evolved forms are said to make appearances too.

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Ed’s Pokémon GO Journals – Mixed Feelings About the Latest Update & Player Tactics

12 Oct

pokemon-go-logoBy Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

Niantic Inc is rolling out a new update to Pokémon GO and by now, most players should have it. As much as I often think of stop playing this game, this latest revision has my interest. In trying it out, my feelings are mixed about the ‘new features.’

I love the fact that the medals finally mean something (players get a better chance to capture pocket monsters from a particular type) and the gym your team occupies can be trained up easier. Instead of using one gladiator, you can now bring in six. The big news is in the fact the game will balance the combat power so these fights are fair. It works, but I am bugged that all my little warriors need a revive crystal before they are usable again. There was a time they simply fainted and only heals were needed. In fights at rival gyms, to use the said item makes sense, but when fighting your own? I wish Niantic brought back this feature.

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