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The Future of CGI Films: Creating True Photo-Realism

15 Aug

By Ed Sum


If keen observers of video game cinematics and CGI films think the computer graphics look great now, especially in how cloth material and hair are rendered, the next wave is going to be amazing.

The science behind how these surfaces are rendered have been restudied and restructured in such a way, where if there was a real world analogy: the way any type of thread is weaved on a loom in specific patterns is what the team of computer engineers from the Jacobs School of Engineering/UC San Diego looked at, but at a microscopic level. What they have discovered is a simpler method which matches this real world analogy and the ‘virtual threads’ are more cylindrical.

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What Did He Say?

30 Jun

By James Robert Shaw

Oh geez it’s amazing the things I miss because of a blown-up computer screen. No I tell a lie, it didn’t blow up, it just whimpered and died. But blown up sounded more exciting (It blown up good, it blown up real good).

Director Peter Jackson has informed Lord of the Rings Hobbit fans that Orlando Bloom’s (Legolas) scenes for the third film The Battle of the 5 Armies have wrapped up. And it’s only natural to wind down a 12 hour-long shoot with a few beers. But as we all know one tends to get a little silly with the help of good ol’ alcohol.

For those of you who don’t know, Orlando is reacting to a Hobbit Lord of the Rings fan song created by Erwin Beekveld. And if one has 10 whole hours of their life to spend freely (or you’re hosting a marathon rave) then by all means watch the video.

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