Taking Care of Business in Dark Horse’s Norse Mythology #3

Neil Gaiman and P. Craig Russell have something up their sleeves to make Ragorak as rival Marvel Entertainment’s build-up to the Infinity War.

Norse MythologyBy Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

Dark Horse Comics
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Ragnarok is very likely to happen in Dark Horse Comics adaptation of Neil Gaiman‘s Norse Mythology, but just what events will transpire before is not too hard to find out now. This company has set six issues to tell the tale before releasing the trade paperback (as revealed on their website). Midway, the focus is on Freya and the “Master Builder.”

Bets are being made, and if this mason can’t finish the heavy lifting to build the great wall around Odin’s palace, many worlds will feel the consequence. Freya is to be married off, and the sun and moon–well, the citizens in Midgard won’t be happy. This tale sets up the calm before the storm. I’m more inclined to say calamity, all things considered.

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Setting Neil Gaiman’s Norse Mythology #2 up for Ragnarok

With only two more issues and at most five more stories to tell, I’m curious in which of the eleven tales will get adapted

Norse MythologyBy Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

Dark Horse Comics
Available Now

The god Loki is front and center in issue #2 of the adaptation of Neil Gaiman‘s Norse Mythology. Following the events of the last issue, a contest of the champions is in order. Two dwarven master metalsmiths are to fashion three gifts to the Gods. Loki’s head is the prize between two rival clans. Norse justice is harsh. The trickster god needs to be punished because Sif lost her hair in the previous issue.

Loki knows his fate is sealed unless he thwarts the construction of these magical items. I remember Snorri Sturluson’s Skáldskaparmál from the Prose Edda, and this comic book treatment is a different and faster read. Though we don’t see the details in how the dwarves created these treasures of the gods, I can certainly say they burned no black holes out in creating Mjölnir or the other devices. Well, maybe the sun was captured for Sif’s hair. These tales are nothing like the Marvel Cinematic Treatment.

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LEGO Marvel Superheroes is Spidey-Centric!

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

lego-marvel-maximum-overload-castThe LEGO Marvel universe did more than explode when TT Games announced development of the game LEGO Marvel Superheroes for multiple platforms. Mini-figures began appearing since 2002 with Spiderman and ever since then, interest has been a slow burn. The video game, which released Oct 22 is only testament to the fact that Marvel’s superheroes are a hot commodity. And no sooner than Stan Lee can say, “Make Mine Marvel!” the enviable had to happen: expansion into other media. Toys and an animated series are available for fans of this comic book universe to consume.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: Maximum Overload (LMSH:MO) is a web series that can be found on Disney and Marvel Entertainment’s Youtube channel, and it’s surprisingly good. The simple reason is that it does not tickle the funny bone too much. The 3-4 minute length is perfectly suited for viewers looking for light-hearted entertainment. That’s how these LEGO videos should be constructed. Movie length LEGO films are hard to pull off. To maintain the humour needs a good wit than silly foreplay, and that’s one reason why LEGO Batman: The Movie failed.

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Explaining the Myths behind Thor: The Dark World and A Movie Review

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)


The Aether may well be what the scientists of Earth would call Dark Matter if audiences needed a clearer definition. A better explanation is that it is a fifth element that the many forces in Thor: The Dark World are after. Some seek to control it and others want to bury it.

In this latest Marvel Universe movie, Thor (Chris Hemsworth) has to protect the Nine Realms from being destroyed by it. Malekith (Christopher Eccleston) is out to control this quintessence but in the last great war in the realm of Asgard, Bor (father of Odin), sealed it away and tossed it out into the multiverse for it to be lost forever. This introduction sets up the rest of the tale, and viewers are best advised to make notes of everything, or see this film again in 2D.

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Loki AKA @twhiddleston Recruits SDCC Goers #SDCC2013 #Thor2

By James Robert Shaw (The Wind Up Geek)

The Marvel panel owned the San Diego Comic Con 2013 according to many con attendees and here’s one of the main reasons why, the God known as Loki. With the flashing of the lights on Saturday, British actor and heart-throb Tom Hiddleston appeared on stage as the exile of Asgard. In front of a packed house of screaming fans in Hall H Hiddleston couldn’t help but smile at his welcoming. Like ones possessed con goers chanted the God’s name. Women screamed as he dispatched the Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige with the command “Stand back you mewling quim”.

But one could laugh at the best summing up of Loki’s appearance. As Executive Editorial Director at Marvel Digital Media Group, Ryan Penagos, put it “No, I’m sorry. Loki is here. @twhiddleston is just the vessel.”


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