Taking Care of Business in Dark Horse’s Norse Mythology #3

9 Dec

null 7By Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

Dark Horse Comics
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Ragnarok is very likely to happen in Dark Horse Comics adaptation of Neil Gaiman‘s Norse Mythology, but just what events will transpire before is not too hard to find out now. This company has set six issues to tell the tale before releasing the trade paperback (as revealed on their website). Midway, the focus is on Freya and the “Master Builder.”

Bets are being made, and if this mason can’t finish the heavy lifting to build the great wall around Odin’s palace, many worlds will feel the consequence. Freya is to be married off, and the sun and moon–well, the citizens in Midgard won’t be happy. This tale sets up the calm before the storm. I’m more inclined to say calamity, all things considered.

I’m seeing a bit of that Tom Hiddleston drawl in Loki’s behaviour not only in :Piotr Kowalski‘s artwork but his role throughout the saga. This issue is the rising action to account for the next two issues. He’s up to something and yes, I can hear him as much as see him as he fiddles about the Great Hall, trying to win favours and the opposite is happening.

Next issue will deal with “Loki’s Children” and afterwards is “Freya’s Wedding.” Issue #6 will have to either end with a cliffhanger with Thor’s Journey to the Land of the Giants, or simply jump to “The Last Days of Loki.” The reason for the former is that the distinct label of Norse Mythology I–hints at possibly more. It’s not possible to stretch out the material, unless Neil Gaiman and P. Craig Russell have something up their sleeves to make Ragorak as rival Marvel Entertainment’s build-up to the Infinity War.

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