Loki AKA @twhiddleston Recruits SDCC Goers #SDCC2013 #Thor2

22 Jul

By James Robert Shaw (The Wind Up Geek)

The Marvel panel owned the San Diego Comic Con 2013 according to many con attendees and here’s one of the main reasons why, the God known as Loki. With the flashing of the lights on Saturday, British actor and heart-throb Tom Hiddleston appeared on stage as the exile of Asgard. In front of a packed house of screaming fans in Hall H Hiddleston couldn’t help but smile at his welcoming. Like ones possessed con goers chanted the God’s name. Women screamed as he dispatched the Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige with the command “Stand back you mewling quim”.

But one could laugh at the best summing up of Loki’s appearance. As Executive Editorial Director at Marvel Digital Media Group, Ryan Penagos, put it “No, I’m sorry. Loki is here. @twhiddleston is just the vessel.”


With files from Desde Hollywood.

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