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[Victoria, BC] Cherry Bomb Toys to Explode with Party Room Goodness

3 Mar

Reposted from an article written by Ed Sum for TwoHungryBlokes.com. To see the full photoset, please visit the original article.

1069719-01Cherry Bomb Toys in Victoria, BC is expanding. Not only do they have the National Toy Museum of Canada, on the second floor, which showcases approximately 80 years of love for childhood knickknacks, but soon, they will be opening their basement for people to use on a by appointment basis. The official opening is tentatively set for the end of March.

This area will not be limited to families wishing to celebrate their child’s birthdays (or an adult’s) in a venue that does not have to be their home. B Woodword, manager of the store, explained that not everyone has the space, especially if they live downtown, and cleanup for a whole home can be a chore. This operation’s idea is to offer a safe space so people can have fun in. There’s an arcade area filled with classic gaming consoles (Nintendo and SEGA were spotted) and four separate television screens so anyone can game with. People can bring their own next-gen consoles, but the purpose of this space is to stay retro. A dining room type area (with a few basic kitchen essentials) exists so people can mingle in. Of course, washroom facilities is down the hall.

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Cherry Bomb’s National Toy Museum of Canada in Victoria, BC Brings Heartfelt Memories

16 Mar

vlcsnap-2016-03-14-04h38m10s489By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

1410 Broad St
Victoria, BC Canada
(250) 385-8697

10 am – 6 pm Mon-Sat,
12 pm – 5 pm Sun

After much renovation to Cherry Bomb Toys mezzanine area, the store operators opened their National Toy Museum of Canada. After a few weeks, the guest book is indicating that people are keen on the idea. There were visitors from as far as Manitoba! Entry is by donation or purchasing an item at the store.

In what’s displayed brings plenty of fond memories. From the 1920’s is Meccano (‘Mechanics Made Easy’ was this construction set’s slogan and this product is modernized for today’s youths), during the early 1980’s several Mini-Arcades by Coleco brought video games to the home in a pint-sized package and made in the late 80’s were Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The original toys stood beside their 2010 counterparts to show how these heroes in the half shell evolved with the times. The highlight for me is with the toys from the 70’s, namely the Six Million Dollar Man and the robots who predated the Transformers craze. Plenty of GoBots can be spotted, but for me, Marvel ComicsShogun Warriors (I have the complete run) solidified my nerdiness. I drooled over the display case, wishing I could paw, er play with them like a needy cat.


Other notable items included the catalog from the Propworx Stargate SG-1 auction from 2010. The props donated to this museum came from an anonymous individual and if I could only hold the Zat’ni’katel, the gun used to stun opponents with, I’d truly geek out. Even a panel of a Goa’uld ship and a door switch lays on display. Very rarely collectors give their memorabilia from such a prominent show away, and this operation will display items from private collectors willing to loan them out (I might consider bringing to them my Studio Ghibli stuffed doll collection) so what’s on exhibit can regularly change. Patrons could find something new, if not rearranged, to look at during a visit to this store / museum operation.

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[Victoria, BC] Cherry Bomb Toy’s Nerdy Days of Xmas Craft Fair WILL Continue!

13 Dec

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)


On December 13th, Cherry Bomb Toys is showing they are a force to be reckoned in its inaugural Nerdy Days of Christmas Craft Fair. The good news is that this show will be an annual event, much like The Ultimate Toy Fair, and as this business’ grows, including their plans of expansion, so will the space so more vendors can sell their wares. Their goal is to have as many local artists come market their home-made apparel, crafts and soaps under one roof. In what I saw, they are all definitely tailored for the geek in us all to enjoy.

The only thought I have is with the how will the Han Solo in Carbonite soap (available from Nerdy Fresh) feel after being used to scrub some strange nether region? Thankfully a soap is a soap, than something with an object encased in it. However because there are a few with objects encased inside it, I’d be careful in which part of the body is being cleansed with it.

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[Victoria, BC] Cherry Bomb Toy’s Indiegogo is a GO!

5 Dec

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)
1069719-01Cherry Bomb Toys’ Indiegogo campaign launched today just as NASA’s Orion rocket accomplished a successful bid to reach higher than ever in both their plans to soar to star-studded goals. One is to own a building and the other is for humanity to travel to the planet Mars. Both will happen!

As Christmas approaches, more folks are open to contributing to worthy causes to help keep the momentum going. And in this business’ case, it’s to make the dream of expanding their operation to include a classic toy museum and vintage arcade parlour to feature the highlights of what last century’s toys and games have impacted popular culture. As the previous article explained, there’s a lot of ideas being planned. All Candice and Biagio Woodward need is the support of Victorians and toy enthusiasts around the world to help make this dream happen!

People can contribute nearly any amount. There’s the Big Buck ($1), High5 ($5), The10Up ($10), and Time Traveller ($25) to name a few of the campaign levels. All the details can be found on their Indiegogo campaign page, but in the meantime, please enjoy their pitch!