In Vancouver, How High Can You Flyover Canada?

Flyover Canada is a Vancouver-based tourist type attraction with limited appeal for locals to enjoy.

OA - FlyOver Canada999 Canada Place #201
Vancouver, BC

Hours of Operation
Daily starting from noon to 8pm (average)

Flyover Canada is a Vancouver-based tourist type attraction with limited appeal for locals to enjoy. But for tourists wanting to know more of what this country (or others) represents, it’s something to check out. Since I sort of fall into the latter category, I decided to take advantage of the discount offered for patrons of Fan Expo Vancouver. Aside from two panels, there wasn’t much left for me to partake in on Monday, the last day of the convention. There were fewer celebrity guests to meet and the focus was more on Family Day type activities for the kids to enjoy or meeting voice over talents. Folks could meet Justin Briner, the voice of Midoriya in My Hero Academia or Jason Liebrecht who did Yeager in Attack on Titan.

This flight simulator is worth looking at when the right virtual simulation is playing. I wouldn’t revisit the visual experience for the same ride though. I’d pay the money for a reimagined and all-encompassing Star Tour. As for its travels around Earth, there’s only a handful offered in sister operations in other cities where variety exists.

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Opening the Doors to The Barn with We Want to Believe

As for when The Barn will be revisited, nobody is telling. The team is out looking to showcase beautiful Super, Natural British Columbia, as I had hoped for and am glad to see happening

nullBy Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

The latest instalment of We Want to Believe on shows what happens when authorities are called in when the team is mistaken for miscreants and we get a lesson on how to best deal. Fortunately, the cops are understanding and this episode serves as a reminder of the upcoming Halloween day. The authorities won’t be chasing after anyone who looks shady. Even though the team had the owner’s consent to wander about, the neighbours won’t necessarily know about the ghosts said to hide in “The Barn.”

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From Emerald City to Capital City Comic Con …

Capital City Comic Con LOGO (old)By Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

With Capital City Comic Con (4C) less than a week away, just what I’ll be doing here is to run two role-playing games, Call of Cthulhu, and also host a panel about the paranormal pop culture scene. I authored enough content not only here, but also for Absolute Underground Magazine, and Drunk in a Graveyard to know the trends. I have been a paranormal enthusiast ever since Scooby Doo graced the screens back in the ’60s. I’m not that old, but I love those classics!

This show takes place March 22–24, 2019 in Victoria, British Columbia. It has big goals and while it will never compare to the mainland shows, it can hold its own. This event is like that Little Engine That Could. I’ve talked to Biajo Woodward of Cherry Bomb Toys to know it will take years before the loftier ideas can get realized. Support from different industries is needed. In the meantime, it keeps chugging along, and I know at least part of the team simply want to offer good things for the community to enjoy. For those fans wanting something quieter, I recommend this island grown convention. It’s quaint.

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Capital City Comic Con Recap & What’s Next in Victoria, BC

null6By Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

The reports are in – Capital City Comic Con in Victoria, BC is a resounding success! Many attendees, myself included, enjoyed the vibe which flowed throughout the three days and my biggest concern was in how well the lines of people are managed. Overall, it went very smoothly. Smaller events mean shorter waits, and during the times I visited the celebrity guest section, the crowds were never overwhelmingly big. Even the talents who attended appreciated the relaxed atmosphere. All of this positive attitude means this event will continue for years to come.

Patrick Warburton was outspoken about what he and fellow guests thought about this city and well managed this show was during his Q&A.

One detail I have to get off my chest is when I hear talk about (this) Comic-Con. I often jokingly say back “Which one?” I do know which event they are talking about, but when I am a seasoned veteran, this event needs its own code to distinguish it. 4C is the unofficial shorthand name (C4 is Winnipeg’s show). By default, Comic-Con is the San Diego, California event. They own the name, sad to say. and the fight over ownership was brutal.

This garden city event was a very relaxed one on Friday. Unlike the huge shows which have a lot to take in, I often have to pick one aspect to focus on and miss the rest. At ECCC, I do not have the time to diverge to play Magic the Gathering or enjoy any role-playing events. With four days, maybe I could. With 4C, in the short two and a half (sorry, but the mid-afternoon Friday and event shutting down 5pm the next two days do not count), I entered a model building contest, caught a bunch of pokemon (yes, I’m still playing that game) in a timed event, played a miniatures battle game (more on this later), talked to one of the guests at length (Mike Quinn is wonderful and multifaceted) and went to a handful of panels. I was not here to shop. When I do, I go to larger nerd celebrations to seek out the elusive than exclusive.

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Cherry Bomb’s National Toy Museum of Canada in Victoria, BC Brings Heartfelt Memories

vlcsnap-2016-03-14-04h38m10s489By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

1410 Broad St
Victoria, BC Canada
(250) 385-8697

10 am – 6 pm Mon-Sat,
12 pm – 5 pm Sun

After much renovation to Cherry Bomb Toys mezzanine area, the store operators opened their National Toy Museum of Canada. After a few weeks, the guest book is indicating that people are keen on the idea. There were visitors from as far as Manitoba! Entry is by donation or purchasing an item at the store.

In what’s displayed brings plenty of fond memories. From the 1920’s is Meccano (‘Mechanics Made Easy’ was this construction set’s slogan and this product is modernized for today’s youths), during the early 1980’s several Mini-Arcades by Coleco brought video games to the home in a pint-sized package and made in the late 80’s were Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The original toys stood beside their 2010 counterparts to show how these heroes in the half shell evolved with the times. The highlight for me is with the toys from the 70’s, namely the Six Million Dollar Man and the robots who predated the Transformers craze. Plenty of GoBots can be spotted, but for me, Marvel ComicsShogun Warriors (I have the complete run) solidified my nerdiness. I drooled over the display case, wishing I could paw, er play with them like a needy cat.


Other notable items included the catalog from the Propworx Stargate SG-1 auction from 2010. The props donated to this museum came from an anonymous individual and if I could only hold the Zat’ni’katel, the gun used to stun opponents with, I’d truly geek out. Even a panel of a Goa’uld ship and a door switch lays on display. Very rarely collectors give their memorabilia from such a prominent show away, and this operation will display items from private collectors willing to loan them out (I might consider bringing to them my Studio Ghibli stuffed doll collection) so what’s on exhibit can regularly change. Patrons could find something new, if not rearranged, to look at during a visit to this store / museum operation.

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