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The Vintage Tempest’s Toy & Tech Wish-List for Santa

21 Dec
ed and zelda

By Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

Dear Santa,

I’ve been good. Really, I have. I hope it’s in your willingness to consider putting one of these wish list items under my Christmas tree. I want stuff to satisfy my love for toys or tech. I’ve boiled down my list down to five items.

Unlike my best-friend James, I have satisfied my anime craving a long time ago. There really is not much that I want (on video or otherwise) from Japan … well unless you can send me a full size operational Gundam for me to pilot so I can travel anywhere I want (around the world or in space). Or can you please give me an all expense paid trip to visit the Ghibli Museum at Mitaka Park and Fuji-Q Highland Park (I want the ability to spend a full day at each venue). That would be on top of what I really want.

I was there before, but those memories are over a decade old.

Alternatively, if you can find it in your heart to park an AT-AT at my home, well, my grin will be wider than the Grinch and the Cat Bus (from My Neighbour Totoro) combined. But in terms of being realistic, the following items are far more doable:

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[Victoria, BC] Curious Comics Expands for the Summer

9 Jul

Curious Comics

Just when the days of light reading can’t be found, Curious Comics Books & Games in Victoria, BC has a Summer clearance store, aptly named Curious! Too, of all things pop culture to keep everyone sated. Well, that’s until the next Marvel Entertainment movie comes along … in the form of The Wolverine, due in theatres July 26th. There’s also the lesser known R.I.P.D. (Rest in Peace Department), based on a Dark Horse Comics property about a recently slain cop who joins a police department with an undead division. Could the latter be the next Men in Black? Who knows, but readers can find out with old comic books being offered at discount prices; plenty of 3 for $1 deals will be found. Graphic novels will be sold at 50% off cover.

But for the people interested in expressing their inner geek, action figures, t-shirts, posters and other sundries will also be offered.

This place will run throughout the summer from Weds to Sun, 10am-5:30pm and is located on 1319 Broad St. Tourists to one of the Pacific Northwest’s many gems, the garden city of Victoria, may well be able to find a few shining jewels of the geeky variety to marvel at during that journey home.