Opening the Doors to The Barn with We Want to Believe

26 Oct

nullBy Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

The latest instalment of We Want to Believe on shows what happens when authorities are called in when the team is mistaken for miscreants and we get a lesson on how to best deal. Fortunately, the cops are understanding and this episode serves as a reminder of the upcoming Halloween day. The authorities won’t be chasing after anyone who looks shady. Even though the team had the owner’s consent to wander about, the neighbours won’t necessarily know about the ghosts said to hide in “The Barn.”

The ominous title implied is just that and is perfect for the Autumn season to spotlight. Owner/operator Dee of Dee’s Landing just wants answers to the strangeness going on. She’s finding water in places where it shouldn’t and gets the heebeegeebees. This episode marks the first time where they say further revisits are required if they are to go digging for answers. Thankfully, the prominent ghost who resides here is not nasty, but to teach Dee how to deal is not as simple as telling her to get used to it.

Also, Pete Renn brings in Jen, a psychic he fully trusts to get an idea of who this spirit is. He’s normally skeptical of this lot. In a separate interview, he said, “I believe that 99% of them are full of sh*t and I think that they’re involved for other reasons.” To allow Jen into this show marks a first.

As for when The Barn will be revisited, nobody is telling. The team is out looking to showcase beautiful Super, Natural British Columbia, as I had hoped for and am glad to see happening. Producer Jason Hewitt is actively promoting this show on social media, and Peter Renn keeps things active with the Vancouver Paranormal Society. Interest in supernatural pursuits is amped up this month and not even a pandemic can shutter it. The format is changed, that’s all.

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