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In Vancouver, How High Can You Flyover Canada?

11 Mar

OA - FlyOver Canada999 Canada Place #201
Vancouver, BC

Hours of Operation
Daily starting from noon to 8pm (average)

Flyover Canada is a Vancouver-based tourist type attraction with limited appeal for locals to enjoy. But for tourists wanting to know more of what this country (or others) represents, it’s something to check out. Since I sort of fall into the latter category, I decided to take advantage of the discount offered for patrons of Fan Expo Vancouver. Aside from two panels, there wasn’t much left for me to partake in on Monday, the last day of the convention. There were fewer celebrity guests to meet and the focus was more on Family Day type activities for the kids to enjoy or meeting voice over talents. Folks could meet Justin Briner, the voice of Midoriya in My Hero Academia or Jason Liebrecht who did Yeager in Attack on Titan.

This flight simulator is worth looking at when the right virtual simulation is playing. I wouldn’t revisit the visual experience for the same ride though. I’d pay the money for a reimagined and all-encompassing Star Tour. As for its travels around Earth, there’s only a handful offered in sister operations in other cities where variety exists.

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