[Victoria, BC] Cherry Bomb Toy’s Second Floor Facelift

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

If everything goes to plan, Cherry Bomb Toy’s phase one plans of opening the museum will take place by mid-December. The space looks like it can have Mario and Luke Skywalker as some of the featured items that’s now renovated to feature a multitude of displays. To dispel the look of a tiny area, mirrors are being fitted to give a nicely made illusion of a vastness of walking into a full blown gallery. Here’s a photo diary of the work in progress in this operation as Otaku no Culture got a sneak peak of what’s being developed:

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[Victoria, BC] Cherry Bomb Toy’s Museum Goals Revealed!

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Image from the Martlet.

Proprietors Biagio and Candice Woodward of Cherry Bomb Toys have big plans for expanding their business and Victoria’s tourism industry. Not only do they want to create a proper toy museum and arcade, but also bring back some of the nostalgia that made this city great. That means honouring the operations from long ago like Tony’s Trick & Joke Shop and the Royal London Wax Museum.

“We’re basically tired of seeing Victoria businesses empty,” says Biagio, “One of the things we thought: how can we make things better? What can we do as a business to increase the number of people coming downtown to shop, if not to stop from going to the malls? How do we get people from all around the world to want to come here?”

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