[Victoria, BC] Cherry Bomb Toy’s Indiegogo is a GO!

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)
1069719-01Cherry Bomb Toys’ Indiegogo campaign launched today just as NASA’s Orion rocket accomplished a successful bid to reach higher than ever in both their plans to soar to star-studded goals. One is to own a building and the other is for humanity to travel to the planet Mars. Both will happen!

As Christmas approaches, more folks are open to contributing to worthy causes to help keep the momentum going. And in this business’ case, it’s to make the dream of expanding their operation to include a classic toy museum and vintage arcade parlour to feature the highlights of what last century’s toys and games have impacted popular culture. As the previous article explained, there’s a lot of ideas being planned. All Candice and Biagio Woodward need is the support of Victorians and toy enthusiasts around the world to help make this dream happen!

People can contribute nearly any amount. There’s the Big Buck ($1), High5 ($5), The10Up ($10), and Time Traveller ($25) to name a few of the campaign levels. All the details can be found on their Indiegogo campaign page, but in the meantime, please enjoy their pitch!

Author: Ed Sum

I'm a freelance videographer and entertainment journalist (Absolute Underground Magazine, Two Hungry Blokes, and Otaku no Culture) with a wide range of interests. From archaeology to popular culture to paranormal studies, there's no stone unturned. Digging for the past and embracing "The Future" is my mantra.

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