[Victoria, BC] Cherry Bomb Toy’s Nerdy Days of Xmas Craft Fair WILL Continue!

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)


On December 13th, Cherry Bomb Toys is showing they are a force to be reckoned in its inaugural Nerdy Days of Christmas Craft Fair. The good news is that this show will be an annual event, much like The Ultimate Toy Fair, and as this business’ grows, including their plans of expansion, so will the space so more vendors can sell their wares. Their goal is to have as many local artists come market their home-made apparel, crafts and soaps under one roof. In what I saw, they are all definitely tailored for the geek in us all to enjoy.

The only thought I have is with the how will the Han Solo in Carbonite soap (available from Nerdy Fresh) feel after being used to scrub some strange nether region? Thankfully a soap is a soap, than something with an object encased in it. However because there are a few with objects encased inside it, I’d be careful in which part of the body is being cleansed with it.

I was certainly tempted to buy a few items, namely a cotton-knit TARDIS toque, but after blowing my budget at the Gracepoint Productions Garage Sale, all I could do was to fail in resisting pulling out what little cash I had left in my pocket.

Empire Donuts was present and they offered both a delightful cake-based Maple Pecan product that I had to take a munch on and a softer Chocolate Glaze with Spicy Cinder Toffee; both of which I finished within 4 hours of buying. And that was half of my lunch!

Getting back to the nerdware, what I found ranged from the practical — like keychains, gloves and fashion jewelry — to the impractical, namely the few items meant more for display like the Paper Cube Dudes. Can you imagine a few Turtles trying to climb up a pear tree? I really loved the Ghostbusters cross-stitch item and this is one craft fair I can attend every year just to see if anything new will be offered. The best thing about these craft makers is that they will keep on making stuff that’s in demand along with a few one-off items. Who knows, maybe I’ll find a stuffed Cthulhu with a Santa hat. I’m sure I can ask for it as a special order. In my case, I might ask for a Horus figure first, as a Cube Dude so I can put it atop my X-mas tree so he can shine his bright beacon of warmth over my spirit as I sleep nearby.

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