Transformers Prime: Predacons Rising Review & Final Thoughts

The number of days between Deadlock Predacons Rising left ambiguous, and what we get here takes place a few days after.

TransformersPrimeWhen there are many loose story threads to tie up in the Transformers Prime Beast Hunters series, not every detail is going to get covered in the epilogue, Predacons Rising.

Curiously, the question of whether or not any Cybertronian has gone deep underground (as suggested by IDW’s comic books) is never considered. In what does is an interesting biblical take in the final struggle between the Autobots and Decepticon’s quest to awaken their home planet.

There is a resurrection at hand. As the title implies, someone is going to experience a rebirth. With no surprise, and with no thanks to Hasbro’s marketing department, everyone knows Megatron will return. As for how he manages to do so, only a god is able to bring him back to life—or a devil. Unicron finally makes a proper appearance to go destroy Primus once and for all. But there is more than meets the eye for this particular aspect of the tale to take shape. More than one figure will “rise.”

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Transformers Prime: “Deadlock” Between What the Fans Want and the Series Concluding… (or not?)

Sadly, Transformers Prime has come to the end with this finale and we take a look at what made it special, along with notes in what’s coming.

BumblebeeFans of Transformers Prime will no doubt laugh, cheer and cry while watching “Deadlock,” the finale to the television series. It does a good job at providing a climax that viewers have waited for but it is not a definitive conclusion. While fans will see a be-all end-all showdown between Optimus and Megatron, the surprise this episode brings will get many fans applauding.

But this season fell short to being grandiose or as a successor to the wildly spectacular season two. At least this season had its moments with “Plus One,” “Chain of Command” and “Thirst.” The rest was basically one huge movie being cut up into chunks to fit into a weekly dramatic schedule.

When considering one lingering story thread has not been addressed, the fight is not over yet. Ever since Optimus suggested that Smokescreen should be the next Prime, this plot point mostly gets forgotten when this rookie decides its best to remain who he is than to rise above his station.

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Transformers Prime: Predacons Rising set for Oct 1st!

transformers-prime-beast-hunters-predacons-rising-dvd-cover_1374079782Transformers Prime: Beast Hunter fans can rejoice. The video cover and synopsis has been announced and the date set for this release. The Blu-ray release of Transformers Prime: Predacons Rising  is set for October 1, and the DVD will follow one week later. Both are available for pre-order via Amazon.

The move to have a different date may seem unusual, but Shout Factory may be pushing for one version to sell more of than the other. Curiously, no date has been set for when Season Three will release to home video.

The spoiler filled synopsis can be found after this break:

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Transformers Prime “Persuades” Viewers to Wait for the Finale

By Ed Sum

New Persuasion Image of Transformers Prime Beast Hunters - Optimus Prime vs. Predaking__scaled_600

For every high in an episodic series must arrive a respective plateau where viewers get a chance to take a breather. Here, they can get caught up with the rest of the cast. This weekend’s episode,”Persuasion,” is basically a continuation of “Minus one,” and these two episodes are better off viewed back to back. While the fight from last week gets resolved, another story emerges.

Insights to how important the lives of the youths—Rafael, Miko, and Jack—are to the Autobots are explored in this act. Viewers have not seen the trio for much of the latter half of the season, and to show they are still important is a good sign. Perhaps the reason why they have not been seen is because of what the Deceptions know. If they get captured, Megatron will have no qualms in using them to gain leverage over the Autobots. He did it before in “Darkest Hour” and he will do it again. To keep the children away and under heavier protection must have been a job of Fowler. He has not been seen lately either.

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Transformers Prime: Losing More than Just a Hand in Minus One

The writing team of Transformers: Prime knew how many episodes they had to work with, so it’s going to be interesting to see how well they can wrap this series up.

Transformers Prime ScreenshotThe writing in Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters continues to be exemplary. Not only was the loss of Ultra Magnus’ hand in the previous episode, “Evolution,” a brilliant foreshadow of things to come, but also the revelation comes to a head when viewers are playing along, wondering who is going to be “lost” in the episode, “Minus One.” This week’s show moves with the pacing of a smart murder mystery. Viewers see the Autobots capture a Decepticon, but as for whether or not Soundwave will divulge any information, the wait is intoxicating. The only letdown is that his silent warrior’s voice does not live up to expectations.

As for who may fail in this episode, the money was perhaps on one of the new characters introduced this season—either Ultra Magnus, Shockwave or Predaking.

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