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Transformers Prime: “Deadlock” Between What the Fans Want and the Series Concluding… (or not?)

28 Jul

BumblebeeBy Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

Fans of Transformers: Prime will no doubt laugh, cheer and cry while watching “Deadlock,” the finale to the television series. It does a good job at providing a climax that viewers have waited for but it is not a definitive conclusion. While fans will see a be-all end-all showdown between Optimus and Megatron, the surprise this episode brings will get many fans applauding.

But this season fell short to being grandiose or as a successor to the wildly spectacular season two. At least this season had its moments with “Plus One,” “Chain of Command” and “Thirst.” The rest was basically one huge movie being cut up into chunks to fit into a weekly dramatic schedule.

When considering one lingering story thread has not been addressed, the fight is not over yet. Ever since Optimus suggested that Smokescreen should be the next Prime, this plot point mostly gets forgotten when this rookie decides its best to remain who he is than to rise above his station.

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Transformers Prime “Persuades” Viewers to Wait for the Finale

13 Jul

By Ed Sum

New Persuasion Image of Transformers Prime Beast Hunters - Optimus Prime vs. Predaking__scaled_600

For every high in an episodic series must arrive a respective plateau where viewers get a chance to take a breather. Here, they can get caught up with the rest of the cast. This weekend’s episode,”Persuasion,” is basically a continuation of “Minus one,” and these two episodes are better off viewed back to back. While the fight from last week gets resolved, another story emerges.

Insights to how important the lives of the youths—Rafael, Miko, and Jack—are to the Autobots are explored in this act. Viewers have not seen the trio for much of the latter half of the season, and to show they are still important is a good sign. Perhaps the reason why they have not been seen is because of what the Deceptions know. If they get captured, Megatron will have no qualms in using them to gain leverage over the Autobots. He did it before in “Darkest Hour” and he will do it again. To keep the children away and under heavier protection must have been a job of Fowler. He has not been seen lately either.

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Transformers: Exodus and Exile Examined (with Third Book News)

5 Jul

transformers exodusBy Ed Sum

Fans of either Transformers Prime the animated series or the Fall/War of Cybertron games are well advised to read the book Transformers: Exodus: The Official History of the War for Cybertron. Written by Alex Irvine, he does a remarkable job in penning the lead up to one of cartoondom’s greatest wars of all time. As most fans know, the conflict is largely centered on a battle of wills between Autobot leader Optimus Prime and Decepticon dictator Megatron.

But for the leader of the Decepticons, there is more to him than meets the eye. He was a nameless factory worker who quite literally fought his way to the top. Domination is all he knew as he fought in the gladiatorial pits of Kaon. Despite his limited dealings with higher Cybertronian society as a whole, he believed they were corrupt. He wanted to do away with the caste system that was eroding the robotic civilization. He took on the name of Megatronus and preached that equity should exist. That is, no social or occupational ranking system is required to determine one’s way of life. Freedom should exist for everyone. Orion Pax agreed with this up-and-coming orator about what needs to be done, but somewhere along the way, a rift between them would form and a war would erupt.

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“Thirst”-ing for more Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters

9 Jun

By Ed Sum

Transformers Prime Logo

** Spoiler Warning

Not many Transformers Prime episodes are worth a full-on commentary after broadcast as the latest. “Thirst” brings back two favorites; one of them being Silus (voiced by Clancy Brown) who was unceremoniously dragged off to heaven knows where last season and presumably to be never mentioned again. Thankfully, the dangling plots are being addressed as this last season starts to wind down. As for this poor cybernaut, his transformation gets scarier and it harkens to many a product from horror movies.

Watching this episode combines the best of several iconic films from this genre. Readers beware, spoilers are ahead.

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