Transformers Prime: “Deadlock” Between What the Fans Want and the Series Concluding… (or not?)

Sadly, Transformers Prime has come to the end with this finale and we take a look at what made it special, along with notes in what’s coming.

BumblebeeFans of Transformers Prime will no doubt laugh, cheer and cry while watching “Deadlock,” the finale to the television series. It does a good job at providing a climax that viewers have waited for but it is not a definitive conclusion. While fans will see a be-all end-all showdown between Optimus and Megatron, the surprise this episode brings will get many fans applauding.

But this season fell short to being grandiose or as a successor to the wildly spectacular season two. At least this season had its moments with “Plus One,” “Chain of Command” and “Thirst.” The rest was basically one huge movie being cut up into chunks to fit into a weekly dramatic schedule.

When considering one lingering story thread has not been addressed, the fight is not over yet. Ever since Optimus suggested that Smokescreen should be the next Prime, this plot point mostly gets forgotten when this rookie decides its best to remain who he is than to rise above his station.

This question of whether he will eventually lead his own team, or be Prime’s successor should get addressed some more. This particular piece of character development is important but it gets dropped too fast. This character is worth exploring some more because without him being around, there would be no one to save the day, especially Planet Earth. He does recover the Star Saber for Optimus. Without him, Megatron most likely would have cyberformed Earth.

Because of his defeat, the Omega Lock will get used to restore Cybertron instead. However, to rebuild the planet will not be easy with both Predaking and Airachnid on the loose. They represent two more factions the Autobots will have to contend with. Although the Decepticons are now scattered and leaderless, some viewers will have to be amused that Starscream has not decided to take command right away. Instead, he’s more adamant in vengeance, to defend Megatron’s honor. What happened? Did Megatron finally give this squabbling mew the beating he deserved. Did the gladiator from Kaon pounded the lieutenant to the ground so much that Starscream will never be a threat again?


This personality shift for Starscream really needs to be questioned. And as for how much of a threat that he can be, probably not much. There is hardly anyone left in the Decepticon chain of command thanks to most of them being blasted to smithereens or ripped apart.

Perhaps the best surprise in this episode is how Bumblebee gets a voice. Will Friedle does a great job that matches the enthusiasm and jubilance this character has when he’s creating all those mechanical sounds. Apparently Synthetic Energon can repair Cybertronian bio-matter.

Although his role may seem short-lived, at least Friedle will get to shine for more than just one episode. If anything, maybe another chapter in the Prime universe will form. But according to reports on the World Wide Web, namely on io9, the Prime universe will officially end. Another series will take its place after Michael Bay’s Transformers 4 plays in theaters.

The only way this series will continue is in comic book form, and that universe is only going to last for eight issues—three of which are now obtainable. As for televised products, the new series is in the works. And the only detail known so far about where the series will go is that the team behind producing the Prime series and executive producer Jeff Kline will be involved.

The big question is how close the next series will follow-up on the Prime universe. If Michael Bay and Hasbro can parlay ideas for which kind of direction should be done in the films, the same rules must apply for the next animated television series. Transformers: Rescue Bots is not a worthy successor by any means.

Some details will have to be negotiated to give viewers closure for some characters. Namely what is going to happen to Soundwave who is stuck in the Phantom Zone. Will he come across Skyquake? When considering one is trapped on a ship and the other lost in a canyon on Earth, most likely not.


Also, with Cybertron restored, a big question will have to be addressed. Where did everyone go when the planet was dead? In the IDW comics, some went deep underground but the series said everyone fled the dead world. To have some answers about where the citizens disappeared to in the animated series will be great.

Also, with hardly any Decepticon lieutenants left alive, what will become of them? And who will lead? Hopefully Starscream will finally step up to the mantle. To see him and Soundwave hurdle off into space like Darth Vader at the end of A New Hope suggests that this tactical retreat is only temporary. But the big issue this series still needs to address is the coming battle with the Predacons. Much like Mainframe Entertainment’s two-part Beast Wars saga, will this series do a double take and have its own Beast Machines? After all, with the movie title aptly named Predacons Rising, just how much more story can be told will depend if the producers are keeping a secret about what the next series is going to be about.

After all, there are lingering story threads to consider, like Arachnida’s fate (she was last seen on an asteroid, with a pink moon and Cybertron in the background), what Predaking is going to be up to, and if Shockwave and Starscream will get along (or jockey for power). All that info can not get easily covered with satisfaction in just one movie.

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