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Transformers Prime: Losing More than Just a Hand in Minus One

7 Jul

File:MinusOne-UltraMagnusBy Ed Sum

The writing in Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters continues to be exemplary. Not only was the loss of Ultra Magnus’ hand in the previous episode, “Evolution,” a brilliant foreshadow of things to come, but also the revelation comes to a head when viewers are playing along, wondering who is going to be “lost” in the episode, “Minus One.” This week’s show moves with the pacing of a smart murder mystery. Viewers see the Autobots capture a Decepticon, but as for whether or not Soundwave will divulge any information, the wait is intoxicating. The only letdown is that his silent warrior’s voice does not live up to expectations.

As for who may fail in this episode, the money was perhaps on one of the new characters introduced this season — either Ultra Magnus, Shockwave or Predaking.

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New Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Commander and Legion Class Figures

29 Jun

New Transformers Prime Beast Hunters toys have been announced today at BotCon 2013. Included this year is one rehash of a familiar mold, namely Shockwave, and re-imaginings of some old favourites.

Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Commander Bludgeon

Commander Bludgeon – Robot Mode

Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Commander Bludgeon Vehicle Mode

Commander Bludgeon Vehicle Mode

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