Oppenheimer. A Movie Bursting at the Seams!

The only thing the scientist Oppenheimer truly has to fear is his role as the destroyer of worlds as many a movie trailer showed.

Oppenheimer Movie PosterChris Nolan‘s movie, Oppenheimer, may feel long, but time went by quickly when I saw it again for the second time. That’s because the time differential from knowing when it’ll happen to searching for that reference regarding black holes kept me glued. Also, this film is not about when that bomb dropped to kickstart the atomic age. Instead, it’s about who J. Robert Oppenheimer is–a brilliant scientist and flawed individual who said, “I have become death, the destroyer of worlds.”

In what this filmmaker enthrals viewers with is how this individual sees the world. It’s a place where particles collide, and how it moves is non-linear. Just how he frames this story is with one overarching narrative with plenty of flashbacks laid in between. It’s easy to follow. And when he juxtaposes moments between the present and the past, what’s presented is like waiting for lit stick of TNT to explode.

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Dolittle on Home Video, and It Isn’t Eddie Murphy!

Not every movie that Robert Downey Jr., is in will do great theatrically; Dolittle has a lot of wonderful set design and may perform better in the rental/home video market.

Dolittle [Blu-ray]: Robert Downey Jr.,
Available on Amazon USADolittle
Release Date:
April 7, 2020

Disney’s reimagined Dolittle arrives on home video today, and it could do with some editing to bring down its lengthy run time. I admit to falling in love with the former version starring Eddie Murphy. It was lively, funny and entertaining. His on screen charm made those films a delightful watch.

This newest version with Robert Downey Jr. has a feel of him trying to be a different kind of Sherlock. It’s more adventure than playful. After playing Tony Stark, I’m sure this actor wanted a role other than this egotistical billionaire. That’s the last thing he wants, and I still feel his best performance is as Chaplin. He nailed the pathos of Charlie easily, and tries to do something different for this latest role.

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On Avengers: Endgame & It’s Implications in the MCU

DolittleBy Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

Expectations are high for Avengers: End Game to see how Thanos will ultimately get defeated. I know some points from Ant-Man & The Wasp are key to this film more than the self-titled movie introducing Captain Marvel. To see the heroes make use of the quantum realm can mean anything… and just what happens is a huge spoiler which I will not directly address in part one of a two-part article. Massive plot reveals will be explored later.

Overall, the experience of seeing Endgame is worth the wait of everything the past films built up to. It’s well-paced, packed to the gills with Easter Eggs to sate the Marvel Cinematic Universe fans and gives audiences everything expected of a blockbuster film. Warning: a few Act One reveals follow.

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Tony Stark is Back! Two more Avengers movies confirmed!

If the numbers are any indication, he has collected $80 million in total for both Avengers and Iron Man 3.

Tony-Stark-iron-man-2268535-605-872Actor Robert Downey Jr. will continue playing the multi-billionaire playboy industrialist character for two more Avengers sequels. That’s good news for those keeping tabs at the behind the scenes wrangling about his role in this expanding cinematic universe. Although nothing has been revealed as to whether or not his contract includes more Iron Man films, and fans can only hope.

At least they can breathe a collective sigh of relief because no other actor can replace Stark. And to even try may well cast doom for the entire Marvel movie universe. Unlike Doctor Doom, a man behind the mask, this character really needs a face, and the charm that only Downey Jr. can instill into the character.

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