Hot Toys from SDCC 2013

Sean Long has a great video from the San Diego Comic Con 2013. In it we get a look at some of the upcoming toys from Monsters University, Iron man, Predator, the Lone Ranger, Avengers and more.

Tony Stark is Back! Two more Avengers movies confirmed!

If the numbers are any indication, he has collected $80 million in total for both Avengers and Iron Man 3.

Tony-Stark-iron-man-2268535-605-872Actor Robert Downey Jr. will continue playing the multi-billionaire playboy industrialist character for two more Avengers sequels. That’s good news for those keeping tabs at the behind the scenes wrangling about his role in this expanding cinematic universe. Although nothing has been revealed as to whether or not his contract includes more Iron Man films, and fans can only hope.

At least they can breathe a collective sigh of relief because no other actor can replace Stark. And to even try may well cast doom for the entire Marvel movie universe. Unlike Doctor Doom, a man behind the mask, this character really needs a face, and the charm that only Downey Jr. can instill into the character.

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