Analysing The Adam Project

What I enjoyed about this film is how the big man sees himself as a kid, and why he’s trying to fix the rotten attitude his younger self had.

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Shawn Levy
‘s style of humour in his films can’t be replicated. Part of it is in how he gets his talents to shine. The hilarity works in his version of Cheaper by the Dozen and Night at the Museum. What he imbues into these tales often results in a sequel or two. His latest might not get that continuation, but I’m hoping The Adam Project can lead to Project: Eve or Lilith. It’ll depend on adding a bigger biblical context to which the backstory skims through.

The father of Adam (Mark Ruffalo) is a genius and what he’s created can remake the world a dozen times over. While the present day (2022) doesn’t have the advanced tech to realise transportation now, the future has fine tuned the mechanism. He’s almost like The Ancient One in Marvel’s Avengers because he has to tell his kids it’s not a good idea to mess with time, otherwise the future would be a total wreck.

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On Avengers: Endgame & It’s Implications in the MCU

AvengersBy Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

Expectations are high for Avengers: End Game to see how Thanos will ultimately get defeated. I know some points from Ant-Man & The Wasp are key to this film more than the self-titled movie introducing Captain Marvel. To see the heroes make use of the quantum realm can mean anything… and just what happens is a huge spoiler which I will not directly address in part one of a two-part article. Massive plot reveals will be explored later.

Overall, the experience of seeing Endgame is worth the wait of everything the past films built up to. It’s well-paced, packed to the gills with Easter Eggs to sate the Marvel Cinematic Universe fans and gives audiences everything expected of a blockbuster film. Warning: a few Act One reveals follow.

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Looking for the Meaning of Life with Begin Again

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

begin-again-poster-405x600*spoiler alert*

Begin Again is a very savvy film about lost souls struggling to find new beginnings. When Gretta (sweetly played by Keira Knightley. Pirates of the Caribbean) and her long-time boyfriend Dave Kohl (Adam Levine, from the band Maroon 5) arrive in a city where dreams can be made with thanks to a potential recording contract being offered to Kohl, little do they know their life together gets dashed.

In another world, Dan Mulligan (Mark Ruffalo, Avengers), a former record label executive, has not produced a hit in years. He’s hard on his luck and he stands a chance of forever losing touch with his ex-wife and daughter. More could have been done with this subplot, but when a random meeting with Gretta gives him a chance to discover the next Alicia Keys, she does a lot to help him mend torn relationships. Thematically, some of her songs may have influenced the narrative that writer/director John Carney (Once, Zonad) constructed for this film. Viewers familiar with Once will no doubt find similarities in this American-backed update. This production is meatier; it has more substance in the development of its two main protagonists whereas the classic does a better job at celebrating the music.

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