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Breaking down the Biopic: Bohemian Rhapsody

4 Nov

By Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

The songs from Queen make up how the biopic, Bohemian Rhapsody, flows than the life of the frontman. Quite often, musicians sing about those experiences in life considered very important to them. In this work, they are wrapped around how Farrokh Bulsara (Freddie Mercury, played by Rami Malek) face reality. Is he a Great Pretender, or something else? I was amused at how this non-Queen song is slyly referenced within minutes of the film’s start. The precedent is set.

In musicals, the tunes help bookend key themes. In a movie partly directed by Bryan Singer and finished by Dexter Fletcher is in how this lead singer comes to face life in his rise to stardom. Important in this work is in how the introduction sees this lad of Indian descent, now living in Britain, deals with living on his own, “Somebody to Love,” is the first track heard. When young Bulsara does not want to become part of the family business (much less his heritage), he’s ready to move out. The early 70s was a time when the music scene exploded in many ways. Many talents we consider legends today were just getting started.

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[Vancouver, BC] A Queen Fan’s Odyssey

3 Jul

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)


I could have gone to see Queen with Paul Rodgers back in 2005/6, but I honestly did not like this pairing. If I did go, I would have been disappointed. My impression of the Youtube videos of this pairing were not positive, and the reviews I read supported my thoughts. To leave the island must mean I really must love the band to death in order to hear their music live and unfiltered. They had to represent my youth. Back then, there were only two bands I took an immediate liking to: Queen and KISS.

Ever since I heard about Adam Lambert taking on the mantle, I wondered: could he? I avoided watching American Idol but when I heard about Queen and KISS appearing, I could not resist. I saw that Lambert has the stage presence needed to pull off being there with the greats.

Flash forward to now, he’s come a long way to be there in a big venue concert. To see Brian May, Roger Taylor and their support crew of Rufus Tiger Taylor, Neil Fairclough and Spike Edney is finally a completion of a quest. To see them play with Lambert may well be like discovering a Holy Grail that can bridge generations together on stage. At this Vancouver, B.C., concert or anywhere else, travelling afar to experience this special kind of magic is well worth it.

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A Tale of Two Geeks: Trying to get to Cineplex’s Great Digital Film Festival!

30 Jan

By Otaku no Culture


E: Gen X’ers, geeks, Gen Y’ers and nerds should unite! Nearly 50 years of pop culture cinema is being offered at the Great Digital Film Festival, which is playing all across Canada in select Cineplex Odeon theatres (January 31 to February 6).

21 films will be playing throughout the day for one week, and if James and I do not collapse from exhaustion (there’s only so much my buddy’s old age can take), we may take in more than five films of this mega-extravangza. The one thing I find interesting is that while I know it was not intentional, this show takes place right before the Victoria Film Festival.

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