Sonic 2 Gets a New Poster, IGN Fan Fest & Beyond

There’s a lot of material to announce, and information to sate fandom. No single event, be it real or virtual, can cover it all.

Sonic 2February 19, 2022
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While part of the fandom in the Pacific Northwest will be be at Fan Expo Vancouver, other folks ’round the world can enjoy IGN Fan Fest. This online only event is set to highlight the best of what’s to come soon in the world of movies, television and gaming.

There’s a lot of material to announce and new information to update fandom. No single event, be it real or virtual, can cover it all, and those able to follow along to both get the best of both worlds. But while I’ll be at Fan Expo Vancouver, this tease also includes what’s next for the Hedgehog Speedster (pictured) with this latest version. I fondly remember seeing the first film while in the big city, enjoying thie antics of this animal (movie review here) on the big screen on an evening after the convention. Time flies, or has sped up since the pandemic, and instant fans of this rodent are glad this release is on track for its April 8th release.

AMC & IMAX Teams for 10 Cloverfield Lane Poster Incentives

These exclusive posters from AMC and IMAX will certainly have some fans wanting to complete the set.

IMAX Poster 10 Cloverfield LaneIn addition to the exclusive art by Kevin M. Wilson for IMAX’s official poster for 10 Cloverfield Lane, this company has announced more AMC Theatre exclusives for fans and perhaps poster collectors alike. They want fans to see the movie three times, and on each day will be the release of another poster to form a sense of dread. The stairs are endless.

The style continues in what was started with The Divergent Series: Allegiant – Part 1, and goes James Bondish, ala The Saint (the old TV series with Roger Moore) with bold primary colour of blue perfectly recaptured. In the prints, red and green are added. Having the characters ascend stairs to represent what lurks above instead of hiding below — a theme that will no doubt be explored in this thriller.

Monsters are said to be lurking about and humanity is gone. That’s unless the survivors have bunkered up. John Goodman looks great in the trailers for this piece and Mary Elizabeth Winstead is the cat needing release. Just what is out there? This movie will see early release come Thurs, March 10th.

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IMAX Reveals Gods of Egypt and Divergent Prints


By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

IMAX continues their love to reward fans going to their broad box format films with both a release of two 13.5 x 19″ posters for the upcoming movies, Gods of Egypt and the finale to the Divergent series, Allegiant, on opening night. Of the two, both are nicely created pieces of art.

No credit is offered on the official site mentioning who crafted these two images, and of the two, the former hails to a classic Raiders of the Lost Ark style of print with a dose of Mummy Returns mixed in. The latter screams of Hitchcock’s Vertigo, albeit using more of an optical illusion to create the sensation more so than being James Bond-like. The latter release is perfect for those Divergent collectors wondering if a final poster will be offered. With this movie guaranteed a box screen release, its availability will be far and wide.


Sadly, with some cities having a limited number of IMAX screens, the Gods of Egypt print will not be available everywhere.

Perhaps the studios decided to produce this print last-minute to draw in viewers on opening night, Feb 26th. Although projections for this movie is not good, that will not stop people looking for simple, turn off your brain, popcorn entertainment. This movie may well be the Michael Bay version of Stargate meets Dune. The print alone makes going to see this film opening weekend worth it. Poster collectors will be present hording up this print, which may be exclusive to Regal than AMC. Sadly, not all cities are created equally — this print may be limited to metroplexes willing to give up an IMAX screen to a lesser film when Deadpool still reigns.

Please check local listings for which films are playing where.

AMC’s IMAX Promo for Star Wars: The Force Awakens Four Image Collage Revealed!


By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

AMC Theatres‘ Star Wars: The Force Awakens IMAX poster collage is complete! The fourth and final poster will be offered to viewers going to see this film this Sunday, Jan 9. In this print, Finn is looking ready to do battle with Kylo Ren. I hoped either character would be used, and artist Dan Mumford did one better by featuring both! Props has to go to this artist for done one better!

The blue tone really works in contrast to the red lightsaber. The blood coloured highlights only accents Ren’s inner rage, and as for those who have seen the movie, the seething anger successfully shows in the tone of this image.

Now the hope is that for fans around the world, not living in the USA, will have the ability to get reprints of this distribution. AMC holds the exclusive for distributing the prints on (presumedly) heavier card stock, but that will not stop a certain group of people taking more than they are allowed to cash in on the craze by selling the set online on eBay.

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Reading Toho’s Return to Gojira

Not a lot of information is offered in Toho ‘s tease of the Mighty G’s return to the big screen in Gojira: Resurgence. The text can literally mean New…

Gojira Japanese Movie PosterNot a lot of information is offered in Toho’s tease of the Mighty G’s return to the big screen in Gojira: Resurgence. The text can literally mean New Godzilla, so the meaning can vary depending on translation. The title. potential poster and teaser trailer released to wet appetites does not say much in what’s coming, and hopefully the direction will be good. The footage offered may not be used at all in the final product as all it offers is a lost footage from a cell phone user recording the feet of various people running away from some invisible threat. What’s created has the slight feel of Drew Goddard’s Cloverfield.

The teaser ends with the call of the mighty beast and thunderous stomps — but does that mean anything? For now, maybe that of the beast awakening from a long slumber.

Supposedly, the poster unveiled in a tweet by Japanese band Katokutai only explains the detailing put in the new beast’s look. The print is a three colour image that, when enhanced, reveals the scales of this radioactive beast and the tiny eyes it uses to strike fear.

Hideaki Anno (Evangelion) and Shinji Higuchi (Attack on Titan) will be sharing the directing duties in this film that’s scheduled for a July 29th, 2016 release.

Gojira Movie Trailer (Japanese)

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